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Eparksensor designed & manufactured a new generation of parking guidance system (PGS). Our PGS system is the first in the world that combines ultrasonic & Bluetooth LE technologies making it location-aware. Almost all PGS systems now available in Malaysia are imported either from Europe or China. These systems are basic PGS system with only LED occupancy indicator lights coupled with LED signage displays at certain strategic junctions. With its location-aware capability, our PGS system surpasses the basic functionality with many extra innovative features. These extra features not found in other imported systems greatly enhanced the effectiveness in navigating drivers and improved their parking experience.

Parking problem is universal in all large cities. Problems associated with parking can be summarized as follows:

1.  Difficulty in finding vacant parking bays in large and busy car park. Drivers usually spent a lot of time circulating around the entire car park to find a vacant parking bay even with the help of basic PGS system equipped with just LED occupancy indicator lights and few LED signage displays.

2.  Large car park has many entrance & exit points. Many drivers have bad experience in finding their parked vehicle.

3.  Lost the sense of direction and unable to figure out which part of the car park they are located.

Eparksensor PGS system has the following innovative features effectively resolved the above problems:

1.  Eparksensor PGS system presents complete car park floor plan, level by level, showing where the remaining vacant bays are directly to the drivers via smartphone internet browser. Drivers can head straight to the vacant bays without even looking at the LED occupancy indicator lights.

2.  With just 2 simple taps on their smartphone in the comfort of their car, driver can command the system to remember which bay they parked.

3.  Driver can retrieve the exact bay they parked and highlighted in the floor plan.

4.  System indicates their current location upon entering the car park.

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