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Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corp. (ETBC). is a television channel operator, broadcaster, film producer and distributor. We have 20 years of experience and contacts in the business. With our Broadcasting CASP Individual License granted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).  We have established our own IPTV/OTT New Media Platform and being able to broadcast channels on DTTV MyFreeview (Free-to-air) platform.


Enjoy TV IPTV /OTT New Media Platform is the third PayTV platform in Malaysia, thrive to provide authorised and legal content from all over the world to the Malaysians at large. And in turn, we provide a licensed platform to allow international content providers to distribute their content in Malaysia. Other than just television, Enjoy TV is the only operator that integrates many other interactive features such as the latest Smart Home technology, as well as movies, TV shows on demand, games, karaoke, kids content, information/news and home shopping into Television services.


Until today, Enjoy TV maintains the mission of a licensed broadcaster to promote and provide legal and legitimate copyrighted content / services. In-line with the government's intiative to eradicate piracy, and with our legal International content and added functionalities on our MCMC-SIRIM Certified Entertainment platform, we have high hopes to overturn some industry and public perception on pirated contents on Android Boxes, and taking the media entertainment experience for Malaysians to a whole new level.

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