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  1. ENHEROES an ASIAN DeepTech Startup registered in Malaysia (2018) in the name “ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY SDN BHD” with registration no (1299557-V), is setting up world’s first Pandemic Resilient & Sustainable Energy focussed Super University in Extended Reality mode with a network of Digital Twin campuses across the globe. The ESG compliant Ed-Tech project  EDEU (ENHEROES DIGITAL ENERGY UNIVERSITY) aims at delivering equitable executive education. Read the Press release here.
  2. A  novel Prototype of Intellectual Sustainability Operating system of the Super University has been developed & a Minimum Viable Product is under beta testing now.
  3. Shubhabrata Samantaray , an alumni of  IIT Dhanbad & founder of ENEHEROES has filled international patent application (PCT/MY2021/050029) for this  novel DeepTech Invention with consultation of a reputed Asean IP firm. The valuation of the IP is to be conducted by a reliable third party agency in Q3 2021.
  4. ENHEROES is among a few bootstrapped  DeepTech Impact Startups in the world having a futuristic sustainable energy focussed solution to affect large scale social progress co-benefitting corporates & communities together while ensuring a net carbon neutrality.
  5. ENHEROES has audited financial statements upto 31st March 2020 and unaudited statement until 31st March 2021.
  6. ENHEROES is looking forward to strategic partnership with local & global partners to form new Benefit Corporations through  joint venture as well as industry academic alliance both in developed & emerging countries with favourable business environments as per inhouse analysis. 
  7. ENHEROES has gained international media attention for its industry first Impact focussed DeepTech projects. Some of the press coverages are listed in  Yahoo finance ,    YourStory , Startup Times , Business Standard and many more.
  8. ENHEROES is raising Pre-seed/Seed fund to arrange the necessary resources for the transition of the MVP into a scalable commercial product at global scale. It is running an early backer program and crowdfunding campaign to raise around 10.0 million USD in multiple phases. 


ENHEROES unveils its Pandemic Resilient Digital Super University

4 months ago by Shubhabrata Samantaray

(Shubhabrata Samantaray Founder & CEO of ENHEROES Group with his Spouse & early Teammate Suprava Mishra) 

DeepTech startup ENHEROES has created a new milestone in its fight with Covid-19 at Global scale. ENHEROES has become the first DeepTech Impact Startup to successfully develop the Prototype of a Smart & Autonomous Super University Digital Twin designed to use Digital Energy as a force for good to resurge from Covid-19 crisis. ENHEROES disclosed  about its latest DeepTech Digital Twin project where it plan to set up a  Digital Super University in Digital Twin mode for a Sustainable Energy future. 

It is building a new kind of  On-Demand Super University code named (EDEU) operating on a Digital Impact Platform which is pandemic resilient and  can meet future intellectual needs of Digital Energy Sector through a futuristic XR Campus & AI run Program Lab by Co-engaging Corporates & Gig-Community. It has successfully developed the prototype of the IoT enabled Super Console devices that would act as an access point for the Digital Super University. The beta version of the Super Console is available for preview to invited user only. 

"We call our new Learning &  Action  Intellectual Instrument to be  "ENHEROES DIGITAL ENERGY UNIVERSITY" or EDEU which will be  engaged in a mission of "Building a better world using Digital Energy as a Force for Good". with a Business Unusual approach. We want to make Quality Executive Education accessible to everyone in the Energy Value chain.

We are in the process of developing Digital Energy Innovation & Startup Super Clusters around the globe to accelerate the pace of Intellectual Sustainability Transformation through a series of mission based Startup Programs. By end of 2030 we  aim to become the largest Intellectual Instrument  around Digital Energy Industry to enroll & engage 1.0 million young Graduates & professionals in our mission based Learn-Earn-Innovate-Startup Programs & Events over our upcoming  Extended Reality Ready Collective Impact Platform."-Says Shubhabrata promoter of Project EDEU. 

ENHEROES is offering a trial prime membership to it's early subscribers for free.  Register here Free. The prime members shall get  Exclusive Access & Discounts to Upcoming Global Executive Programs from EDEU and its industry Partners. EDEU Early Backers shall receive complimentary Life Time Digital Summit Platform Access of worth USD$10,000/- 

"This DeepTech Digital Twin impact Platform has a mission to develop future leaders & Impact solutions around Digital Energy. ENHEROES is raising Seed Capital to deploy its patent pending invention at EDEU to help Energy & Mining industry achieve Corporate Sustainability by creating a Zero Intellectual Burden Zone."-Says Shubhabrata Samantaray, founder of ENHEROES Group. 

Urban Digital Twins are a virtual representation of a city's physical assets, using data, data analytics and machine learning to help stimulation models that can be updated and changed (real-time) as their physical equivalents change. They can represent any urban establishments such as housing colony, schools, universities, banks , co-working spaces, R&D labs, Recreation Centers etc.  

As time progresses the Digital Twins become smart & autonomous through machine learning , they become self functional and undertake complex Cognitive Intellectual Sustainability Management system thus improving efficiency & cost reduction. Accenture lists ‘digital twins’ as top-five technology trend in 2021  

DeepTech Powered Urban Digital Twins hold a massive potential of being social progress enabler  with substantial economic value creation while being Pandemic Resilient. ENHEROES has developed the capability to leverage on this technology trend to affect positive change on society and benefit business at the same time. 


EDEU is an industry first Digital Twin project with a patent pending Cognitive Program Management System making it unique and ahead of its time.   


On 21st April , 2021 ENHEROES filed an international patent application (  (PCT/MY2021/050029) for the underlying cognitive intellectual sustainability management system based on Artificial Method of Collective Sustainable Program Development.  This gives ENHEROES an upper hand in future fund raising deals and international business expansion missions through partnership negotiation & joint ventures.


ENHEROES is  planning to raise 100 million USD from Corporates & Investors around Sustainable Energy & Mining sector through blended financing schemes in next 24 months globally.

For more details visit https://enheroes.co or contact Shubhabrata Samantaray  at [email protected] .

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