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  • EduReviews was founded 1 year ago by two cofounders, an ex-McKinsey management consultant and an education marketing specialist, who believe finding the right education should be simpler, easier, and more transparent.
  • Our team has combined more than 10 years of education industry experience, and are united in our mission to revolutionize, digitize, and empower the education industry.
  • Today, we are the largest education listing and review platform in Malaysia, with hundreds of education clients ranging from private kindergartens, international schools, tuition, and enrichment centres.
  • Our fast-growing areas include our growing number of student enrolments and our eLearning programmes which since the Covid-19 lockdowns, have gained strong traction with over 1,000 registered students.
  • We are raising seed capital to accelerate this growth and grow our team so that we can launch our mobile app, list and review more education providers, and further develop our eLearning programmes.
  • We aim to grow to be the global Tripadvisor for Education! We invite you to be part of our exciting journey as an equity investor to ride the tailwind of Asia being the fastest growing Ed Tech market globally.

  • The way people find education has not changed in over 100 years!
  • The problem is that finding the right education is a hassle. It is time-consuming for parents and students to physically visit schools and centres to get basic information like fees and intake dates. It is even more troublesome to find parent reviews and recommendations!


We created a one-stop education platform where parents can find information, fees, and reviews for all education providers online, which makes finding education more transparent and easier. Our goal is to be the Tripadvisor for education.



We’re creating software that digitizes the education enrolment process from enquiry to enrolment. This helps schools and centres to save time, money, and paper.



Parents and students can find affordable eLearning resources on our platform to help students revise and study better. Through a monthly subscription, students can access in depth notes, videos, and practice paper questions by topic.



EduReviews is an education marketplace providing value to both B2B and B2C customers.

  • Education Enrolment Marketplace

FREE for parents and students to use our easy school comparison tool to find the right school. Users can register their interest, schedule an appointment, or book a class with hundreds of education providers.

EduReviews charges the education provider a commission for each student that successfully enrols through the platform.

  • eLearning Programmes

EduReviews eLearning platform offers notes, videos, and practice paper questions that help students with their study and revision. We currently offer an eLearning programme for UPSR students and primary students aged 7-9. Students can access our eLearning resources via a monthly subscription.

  • Education Listing Profiles

Education providers can list their school / centre with EduReviews. Basic listings are free, whilst premium featured listings that include ads are charged an annual subscription fee. B2B clients can use these profiles to access student lead details, reply reviews, update information such as fees, and advertise their scholarships, open days and events.

Many of our customers see value in our products which has helped EduReviews revenue to achieve a V-shaped recover by July as we move past the Covid-19 pandemic. We have achieved over RM 100k in revenue since launch.


Since public launch in Nov 2019, EduReviews has built the largest education listing and review platform in Malaysia.

As of July 2020, our website traffic is at over 10k visits per month and growing at an average 20% per month. Our registered users have hit over 1k and are growing at average 15% per month.



Since public launch in Nov 2019, EduReviews has built the largest education listing and review platform in Malaysia.

B2C Clients: Over 1,000 registered eLearning students

B2B Clients: Over 20 international school clients, and hundreds of enrichment and tuition centre clients as well as private tutors.



The EduReviews business model has two verticals, our education listing and review service where we charge schools for ads and student commission (average 10% commission on 1 years school fees), and our eLearning resources where parents pay a monthly subscription fee (around RM 20 per month)

Our eLearning subscribers have higher user stickiness and stay on our site for longer. This is more attractive for our school clients that list with us increasing our education listings. With more listings, it drives more user visits helping to acquire more elearning customers. We aim to build this into a self-reinforcing loop and ecosystem which builds its own momentum to turn faster and faster.



There are over 100 Million students in South East Asia and trends are showing that demand for private education is growing significantly as the region gets richer.

Our current target segment is the 20% of middle-income households that almost always spends on private education for their children, be it for enrolment into private and international schools to paying for private tuition, enrichment classes, and online eLearning.

Our potential market size is over in Malaysia is over RM 450 Million (>USD $100M) and over RM 10 Billion in South East Asia (USD $2.5B).



Most of our competitors are playing only in a single education stage or are operating an advertising model. Our competitive advantage is our marketplace model, where we earn not only from ads paid by education providers, but we also charge for commission or transaction fees when students enroll into a school, centre, or eLearning programme.

  • We get more Life-Time-Value per customer compared to single stage competitors as students grow with us from preschool to tertiary
  • Marketplace users are more sticky compared to the advertising model, as we offer eLearning
  • Education marketplace generates more valuable data such as purchasing, admissions, & student progress data

The education market is huge and there is no global Tripadvisor for education yet!



EduReviews is raising 24 months seed financing of RM 2.4 Million at a pre-money valuation of RM 13.6 Million. This leads to 70,588 shares being issued for 15% equity shareholding in the company.

40% of this seed funding will be used for product development, hiring website developers and engineers to further develop our education platform, launch our eLearning app and build an admissions software to digitize the enrolment process. 30% of funds will used for office and administrative expenses such as office equipment, rental, and salaries. The remaining 30% will go towards marketing and sales, to increase our B2B sales force, and for advertising and marketing spend.




EduReviews aims to be the global TripAdvisor for Education! Our mission is to revolutionize, digitize, and empower the education industry.


Aren Yip, Cofounder & CEO
  • Former McKinsey Management Consultant
  • Head of Strategy at a British International School
  • Alumni, Imperial College London
Jin Wen, Cofounder & COO
  • Education Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing & Operations Manager at a British International School
  • Alumni, Kings College London

Prior to starting EduReviews, the cofounders worked together at an international school to double student numbers in 2 years.


The full team of EduReviews is as illustrated below



We are proud to announce that EduReviews has been accepted into the 2020 MAGIC Global Accelerator Programme, selected as one of the top 40 startups from over 1000 applications.

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