AI-powered On-demand Nutritionist Platform


Go-MaD.AI is an innovative digital platform that connects Nutritionists to public by having 1-click Nutritionists service booking mobile App. Go-MaD.AI App has Artificial Intelligence powered meal tracking function that can identify the food composition from food photo and proceed with food analysis. This AI feature is an assistant tool for nutritionists on personalize nutrition services offering.

In Malaysia, Singapore and other Asia developing/developed countries, the rising living standards have contributed to the alarming rise in lifestyle diseases. There is also a lack of nutritional knowledge, awareness and access to nutritionists. Go-MaD.AI aims to bring nutritionist closer and accessible to people as well as promoting preventive healthcare services and nutrition awareness through a model application based on AI Technology which creates the virtual nutritionist model by using Machine Learning techniques.

Recently Go-MaD.AIĀ has been selected for the prestigious 'Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award' to be conferred at the Smart Health Dubai 2018.

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