AI-powered Nutritionist Platform


Go-MaD is a digital health startup focuses on preventive healthcare.
It was founded in 2018 and has been awarded the 'Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award' by Smart Health Dubai 2018. Currently, it has 10 Nutritionists on board.


Go-MaD’s vision is to improve people’s quality of life through professional Nutritionists & AI technology.


  • Go-MaD’s mission is to reduce lifestyle diseases by providing Michelin Stars-like guideline or ratings on healthier food selections specially designed for people who frequently eats out.
  • For AI application, the development of  Patent Pending AI-powered Virtual Nutritionist & Robotic Chef,  an automated food preparation system that includes a computer-controlled robot specialized in nutrition and healthy eating preparations and recommendations aims to accommodate meal requirement for people with lifestyle diseases and people with specific dietary requirements regardless of any age group.

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