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Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia is licensed by Dialogue Social Enterprise from Germany to run and operate the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition and Workshops since October 2012. DiD first started in Hamburg in 1988 that has since attracted more than 9 million visitors to its 25 locations worldwide. In addition, it has provided employment to more than 1,000 Visually Impaired People globally. DiD Malaysia started its business in late 2012 by providing Corporate Workshops and in December 2013 opened its first exhibition in Petrosains, KLCC for 6 months before moving to The School at Jaya One, PJ. As of July 2015, it is located at Sunway University. DiD runs a unique and impactful Experience Tour conducted in complete darkness where visitors will experience a walk in the park, shopping at the local pasar malam before ending their tour with a cup of coffee/tea and having a dialogue with their Visually Impaired Guide at a local warung. In addition to Experience Tours, DiD also conducts corporate team building workshops and educational workshops for schools and universities. Since its inception, more than 20,000 people have experienced the tours and over 50 local corporations and government agencies have sent their senior and middle management staff to its signature HRDF certified Experience Workshop in the Dark. To date, DiD Malaysia has conducted educational workshops for more than 3 Private Universities as well as many other private and public Schools. DiD Malaysia is also collaborating with the Sunway Institute of Social Entrepreneurship as one of the Institute’s model for Social Enterprise learning, as well as offering internship placements for students. Further to that, DiD Malaysia conducts a unique annual fundraising experience, Cuisine Dining Theatre in the Dark. Since 2012, DiD Malaysia has equipped and given job opportunities to more than 90 visually impaired Malaysians. DiD sustains its Social Enterprise by selling tickets for the Experience Tours, and charging fees for the workshops and the corporate dining experience.

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