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DF Automation & Robotics Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian tech-based company that explores the world of automation and robotics to meet the global growth of demand and supply.

They specialize in designing, manufacturing, marketing and consistently improving Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) system for various kinds of industrial and commercial use. AGV is an industrial mobile robot that moves autonomously from one location to another which is very useful to carry heavy loads. These AGVs help the factory to reduce labor reliance and increase efficiency for its indoor logistic operation. AGVs from DF are also equipped with Industry 4.0 capability allowing them to be incorporated with the existing factory ecosystem to achieve smart manufacturing.

They strive to be a leading company around the globe in the field of designing and manufacturing of AGV.




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Public Investment Offer Presentation

1 day ago by DF Admin

We will have two public sessions to present our Investment Offer! Do check out the deal before DF goes IPO in near future! You are welcome to join. Do register here:

1. Penang on 24th July 2019 - http://bit.ly/issuerpreview30

2. Johor on 26th July 2019 - http://bit.ly/issuerpreview31

Thanks! See you there.



DF's Board-of-Advisor was listing I-Stone this morning

4 days ago by DF Admin

Mr Chan Kok San (one of DF's Board Of Advisor) was at Bursa Malaysia to officiate the listing of his company I-Stone Group Berhad today at Bursa Malaysia. Dr Yeong Che Fai, co-founder of DF was there to witness the memorable event. Congrats Mr Chan and I-Stone! Looking forward for DF to follow the foot steps of I-Stone Group Berhad. 

News: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/07/17/istone-soars-56pct-on-trading-debut/ 


Why use an AGV in a factory?

7 days ago by DF Admin

Why use an AGV in a factory? Check out this video why our customers are using AGV:  https://youtu.be/FDlkbt1A5iE


DF at Digerati50 Networking Event with Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim

8 days ago by DF Admin

We are honored to be invited to join Digerati50 Networking event. This event was attended by high tech startup founders, investors and goverment organisations as well as with Guest of Honor, Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. 

Picture: Mr Chia Chin Wee has a picture taken with Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. Pic: Mr Karamjit (Founder of DNA) presenting a brief intro about the event. 


DF was at Global Center of Excellence, Iskandar Malaysia.

12 days ago by DF Admin

We are honoured to be invited in a seminar and networking session with the theme of 'The Next Generation Digital Supply Chain' organised by DHL and Iskandar Investment. Our co-founder, Dr Yeong was one of the speaker and he shared some of the case studies how AGV helped industries to improve. We really enjoyed the session and good to see many have shown interest in robotics, Big Data and AI.


DF just got two Copyrights Registered!

13 days ago by DF Admin

Titan and Suki are the name of our two AGV models. Titan is an AGV that can carry up to 1 tonne and normally used for warehouse. Meanwhile, Suki is an AGV that can move flexible in one way like a snake.


DF featured in EFM E-Magazine by Matrade

14 days ago by DF Admin

DF is honored to be featured side by side with giant Malaysian companies such as Fusionex, Vitrox, Pentamaster, Cytron and etc. in the 1st publication of EFM (Exclusive from Malaysia) e-magazine produced by Matrade. Full article can be found here: http://www.virtualpaper.pro/index.php 


Smart Manufacturing Demonstration with 6 robots

15 days ago by DF Admin

This Smart Manufacturing Demonstration at DF showcases an example of multiple AGVs, Robots and automation equipments are connected and running in a same premise. It has 4 AGVs, 1x Universal Robot (cobot), 1x TM Robot (cobot) and conveyor. 

All of them are communicating with each other via the internet with DF's NavWiz Fleet Management System (FMS).

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtgBzCf-TbQ


Educational visit to DF by a group of university students

16 days ago by DF Admin

Hope this visit will spark the interest and passion in innovation and robotics’ technology for the next generation. DF believes that they are our future pillars and we welcome and value them.  


Yay, DF has raised RM1 Million!

19 days ago by DF Admin

This project has reached its minimum funding target or RM1million and is now accepting investments till its RM3mil target. Be quick before all the allocated shares sold out! 

Dr Yeong, co-founder of DF Automation presenting the pitch deck at pitchIN office. The office was full with a lot of eager investors. We had a great session with the audiences with lots of good questions. Thanks for all your support!



Viewing our next potential home...

23 days ago by DF Admin

viewing our next potential home... 


DF collaborates with UR on tour to Penang Malaysia

27 days ago by DF Admin

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