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A new player in a century-old industry, DEUTHLON is a market-disrupting lubricant-expert that is revolutionizing the application of lubricants in high-performance sports. Founded in 2020, the founders of DEUTHLON realized that the lubricant industry is one that has remained unchanged for a century. As fishing hobbyists, they discovered that current market products are not suited for the demands and rigors of professional sporting applications, often times resulting in poor performance and damage to components.

The DEUTHLON founding duo then proceeded to develop what would be their starter kit today and also an additional series of professional sporting lubricants. In less than two years and in the midst of a pandemic, DEUTHLON’s expertly crafted lubrication solutions have reached 30 different countries and have garnered overwhelming positive feedback from professionals and movers alike, lauding the product performance-boosting qualities.

With its proven success in sales and recognition in product quality, DEUTHLON makes for a highly profitable investment for reasons not limited to the following.

A Modern Solution in A Dated Industry

An unchanged and stagnant industry, lubrication products in the sporting market today follow a generalized product footprint where one-size-fits-all. DEUTHLON’s modern, market-disrupting solutions are already making waves and will continue to do so in the coming years as we continue to innovate and lead the market for high-performance sporting lubricants.

Multiple Specialist Product Range Reaching Multiple Markets

DEUTHLON’s products are also far reaching and is currently already present in six different markets. Among these markets are users from the cycling, sports fishing, professional skateboarding and drone community, all of which have applauded DEUTHLON’s product quality. With this in mind, DEUTHLON’s access to a wide variety of markets will ensure longevity in its business and returns.

Bootstrapped Startup With A Successful Track Record & Top-Tier Team

Founded less than two years ago, DEUTHLON is entirely bootstrapped by its two founders, with operations, product development and sales all led by the both of them. And with the shareholding split between the two founders, investors will be able to enter into this market at an early stage.

 “We create what is the new evolution of products enabling hobbyists
to truly enjoy their passion sport.”



The lubrication industry has remained fairly stagnant over the past decade and more, despite the market demands and needs having greatly shifted. The application of lubrication remains fairly utilitarian in its aim to simply reduce friction and maintain functionality of components. This however has been proven to be a severe setback as quality lubrication such as delivered by DEUTHLON has evidently increased the performances found in many of its applied fields.

Problems evident in the current climate of the lubrication industry can be summed as follows:

Outdated Technology and Development

Technology and development of lubrication products have remained fairly unchanged over the past decade, with civilian and domestic products and solutions primarily adapted from industrial formulas.

Current Solutions Not Optimized For Sporting Application

Similarly, due to current solutions typically adapted from previously industrial applications, specialists need in the current market such as in cycling, fishing and drone-flying are not met effectively. There is a significant demand in the professional performance level for lubricants that are specialized to each market user’s needs.

Products Available Aims at Maintenance and Not Performance

Addressing the issue on market-optimized lubricants, current lubricants used in various markets predominantly aim to provide basic lubricating functions which are primarily to maintain and optimize function of components through reduction of friction. At the professional performance level, end users have expressed the need for lubricants that can help components and performance tools function at a higher level of efficiency.

“Current market solutions are mostly adapted from industrial solutions
not suited for professional and specialized performance applications.”



As experts in sporting lubricants, DEUTHLON brings to the market solutions that are designed from the ground up to meet professional needs of specific end-users. The following are the key solution factors that DEUTHLON delivers through its products.

Products Developed With The Latest Technology

To ensure our solutions deliver top-tier function and performance, each market-solution is developed from the ground up using the highest quality of materials. This ensures longevity in both the applied lubricant and also the components applied to.

Specialist Solutions For Specialized Applications

In DEUTHLON we do not subscribe to the notion of general application. We believe that in order to achieve the highest performance, specific lubrication needs must be developed. This is reflection in all of our product range, with specific ranges produced for specific applications such as fishing, cycling, skateboarding and drone-flying. In fact, our products within each market range are also developed according to the components that it is applied on, this means within the cycling line alone, we have multiple lubricants that are designed for specific parts within a professional bike.

Lubrication Solutions That Boosts Performance

Our specialist solutions means we don’t just sell lubricants that reduce friction, our lubricants are designed to boost the performance of fishing reels, bike hubs, skateboard wheel bearings and more. All of our products have received positive feedback from professional athletes and industry experts on its ability to push their performance tools beyond expectation.


Seeing is believeing - Click below for some of the most fascinating demonstration of our product:

a. How we could bring a dead spinner back to live in just 2 mins. Click HERE

b. How we could be more than water resistance. Click HERE



DEUTHLON products, as previously mentioned, aims to revolutionize the application of lubricant as not just for the purpose of maintenance and longevity of tools, but for the purpose of boosting performance, power transfer efficiency and durability in different EXTREME outdoor conditions as well. It is for this very reason that our product lines are specifically developed to meet the needs of users in each of our market reaches.

We currently provide performance-based lubrication solutions to users in the following market:

1. Sports fishing & angling
2. Cycling in both road and off-road environments
3. High-speed drone applications
4. Extreme & racing skateboarding


The design of the products are ALWAYS with the 'mind-set' of the 'world beaters'. It is designed to MAXIMISE the PERFORMANCE AND ENJOYMENT of their beloved extreme sports.



With just a little more than 1 year in operations, here are some of the encouraging feedbacks and testimonials from all over the world.

Below are the very powerful testimonials as it indicates we are producing the top Fishing lubricants in the world:



Here are the testimonials for the Cycling segments from various countries:



Our company brand DEUTHLON has been trademarked over 30 countries and approved to use “R” as registered to over 26 countries at the moment. Worth mentioning are also our other trademarked DustSHIELD and AquaSHIELD lubrication technology. These two unique elements in our lubricants are the key components that allow our products to enhance the performance of sporting tools that use our lubricant. Our AquaSHIELD enabled products ensures an enhanced state of water-proofing via dispersion that is unique in the industry, especially useful for sports where water-exposure is a prevailing challenge. The DustShield on the other hand refers to our line of products that provides enhanced lubricative performance by reducing dust-adhesion in components to a bare minimum, providing longevity in use as well.

“DEUTHLON offer the best in quality of products for Extreme Sports producing Extreme Performances… "


18 months since our launch, our products have been sold to more than 30 different countries, of which we have also gained trademarks. In the fiscal year of 2021/2022, we achieved a revenue of $71762 and is currently on track to achieving double the revenue in the coming fiscal year. Our products have garnered positive reviews and support from industry professionals in the cycling and fishing global community and we have also developed distributor partnerships with 15 international partners globally.


As a lubrication expert for sporting equipments, DEUTHLON products have a much broader reach than most would expect. Furthermore, with our ability to develop application-specific lubrication, DEUTHLON is able to deliver to the specific performances-improvement needs of different markets and customers. Here are the current customer types that DEUTHLON’s product range are able to provide for.

Sports Fishing (Fresh Water and Open Water Anglers)
DEUTHLON provides lubrication products that not just maintain the performance level of reel components, but provides the necessary boost in performance, ease of use and experience as well. Users have quoted our lubricant as significantly improving their parts’ ability to reel and perform well even under situations where components were stressed.

Competitive cycling is a sport that revolves around immense quantities of modification, components and accessories, culminating to an industry that has spent over 8 billion US dollars in accessories alone in 2021 in USA. All of this investment however becomes moot if not given the proper lubrication and professionals and experts who have used our products have cited that our products do not just keep parts moving, it pushes components to higher performance levels as well.

Drone Enthusiasts
A market that has grown significantly in the past decade due to the high demand for drones and growing affordability. Our customers come from a wide range of user types, from photographers, amateur users to competitive drone athletes. The iron industry is expected to grow to a valuation of 42 billions USD in the year 2025 with each drone pilot in the competitive market to own at average 3 drones. This simply means the demand for high-quality, competitive and performance-based lubrication will soon become a norm.

The skateboarding industry has recently experienced a revival in asian countries, this was also made evident when it was rostered as part of the Tokyo Olympics. An industry that includes large amounts of amateur users and a currently very competitive sports scene, users now experiment with the various possibilities of lubrication that can help them gain better performance heights. Our product range for skateboarders have also gained successful reviews, supporting end users with gaining not just greater performance but also longevity in key moving components in the decks.

“DEUTHLON products and development allows it to meet the needs
of a broad range of users, all without compromising on delivering a performance edge.



The fund raising is just the beginning of DEUTHLON for the above mentioned 4 segments. There are huge multi millionare potential market segments which DEUTHLON has not started due to resource constrains. These new segments are 4x4, RC Racing, Firearms and Archery as below.



DEUTHLON currently generates revenue via online and offline sales and in order to generate sufficient leads for profitability, relies on strategically targeted marketing campaigns with distributors, industry professionals and industry-events to create awareness. The following are some of the approaches adopted by DEUTHLON to build market awareness towards revenue-generation and profitability.

Introduction-Level Starter Kits
The starter kits currently available for sale to the cycling and fishing market allows new users to get a taste of the performance improvement that DEUTHLON products deliver without committing to large quantities of purchase. Although limited to only cycling and fishing ranges at the moment, new ranges will be made available for different market end users.

Sponsorships & Endorsements
DEUTHLON currently provides sponsorships and endorsement opportunities to industry professionals such as athletes, sports teams, industry movers, reviewers and bloggers that build stronger market awareness for our products and performance improvements.

Products & Solutions Clinics
As we market to different parts of the world, providing opportunities for demonstrations and product-knowledge will greatly assist in breaking into new regions and markets. These could take the form of demonstration clinics, trade shows or even at competitions.

Digital Marketing

As a products-based business with a strong online sales presence, DEUTHLON will still place significant emphasis on driving sale through our e-commerce webpage. This will be achieved via digital ads, digital campaigns, influencers, etc.


As the new kid on the block of the lubrication industry, DEUTHLON operates from Malaysia but have sold its products to 30 different countries in the global market through direct communication with their stores and via our online e-commerce site. Having achieved this in less than 2 years since establishing as a business, our aim is to push for higher sales on our website by multiplying our investment in digital marketing and physical exhibitions at an international scale.


Although current market for lubrication is dominated by brands that have established their legacy, most of these brands typically serve only the needs of specific markets. Industry leaders such as Shimano, Penn and Daiwa have always focused their efforts on the market that they are established in, in this case fishing and cycling. Our aim as a brand is not to serve the needs of singular market groups, but to develop sufficient product range through our expertise to uniquely serve the needs of each market.

Additionally, most of the current available brands serve consumers at the entry, amateur and semi-professional level, whereas our products are designed for the semi-professional and competition level users. The nature of our product being not just for the purpose of maintaining performance but providing a boost in performance that competitive professionals will appreciate.

It is for the above reasonings that we believe that we will be able to compete in the lubrication market, by setting ourselves to serve in the segment of the professional users looking to get their next performance boost and by being a brand that is available to multiple user-audiences.



These are the financial forecast for the next 5 years with the new funding:



DEUTHLON is a completely self-funded startup with initial startup funds invested by the founders themselves. New funding is required for penetrating the international market & setting up a local lubrication production factory.

The utilisation of the funding will be as below: 

The offer for the funding will be as indicated as below:



DEUTHLON aims to produce long lasting lubrication products with the highest and finest of engineering materials that revolutionizes performance for the professional and hobbyist alike.

We aims to produce revolutionary high-performance sports lubes formulated to be No 1 in the world !  

The testimonials and feedbacks did shows that our products are the world's best and we are a step closer to become the No 1 performance sports lubes in the world.


Potential ROI and EXIT PLAN

Here are the potential ROI (Return-On-Investments) and Exit plans for Investors. The business of this magnitude for international growth and branding will takes a longer timeframe compare to the local businesses. However, once the brand and awareness has been established in different regions in the world. The growth will be termendous. 

These are potential exits for investors:

a) Due to high margin business, the dividend payout can be large potentially ROI within few years.

b) Acquisition by Foreign Companies are very likely because this is a product which cannot be easily created, while companies rather buyout these companies for growth due to its unique expertise and specialisation.

c) Our vision to have the company IPO in London Stock Exchange or similar due to its international global product presence.   


Founded in September 2020 in Malaysia, DEUTHLON currently distributes products to 30 different countries through 15 international distributors and online sales. DEUTHLONTM and its technologies such as Dust-ShieldTM and Aqua-ShieldTM are also trademark-protected in over 30 countries.



Founder & CEO

Lim JK
An expert in the Business and IT field having lead pioneering products in the market. Having gained over 15 years of experience working with global conglomerates such as Maxis, U Mobile and Cellcard, Lim carries with him expert understanding when it comes to delivering top-tier product experiences and customer satisfaction. He is the key person in charge of all operations of DEUTHLON.

Founder & CPO
Nick Phoon

A lubrication expert and enthusiast, with over 30 years of working experience in the lube and grease applications industry. Having spent the bulk of his years developing and delivering lubrication products, Nick saw from the beginning a key flaw in the market and developed what would be the key product range currently provided by DEUTHLON. Together with Lim, they form the key driving force of DEUTHLON with Nick as the key products development person researching and developing new solutions for the market.   






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