Dermalene was established in 2017 primarily with the aim of educating and improving the quality of life for people with skin problems. Truth to be told, we cannot deny, healthy skin is the first step of enhancing confidence in the human life. Dermalene is a medical based Skin Centre focusing on upgrading the Health & Beauty industry by leveraging on the medical advancement and technological know-how. We specialize in resolving skin ailments and the formulations of safe, trusted and effective skincare & haircare.

Dermalene roots itself in the core belief of being Your Skin’s Life Partner by giving you the helping hand you need at every milestone in your life. We strongly believe that everyone deserves healthy skin and having such will improve one’s confidence and quality of life.

In Dermalene, there is no such thing as “for all skin type” as every skin is different with unique complexions and various skin conditions. We specialize in customizing specific products and treatments that is best suited for the specific skin type with the unique skin condition.

Our Primary Objective is to be A Trusted Skin Centre of Excellence providing non-invasive, shariah compliant skin solutions via products and services from 50 skin spas, 10 skin clinics and 1 national skin institute to supply care and expertise, centering towards rewarding results by being the go-to ‘Skin Partner’ in the Asian Market by 2030.


Skin is the largest organ in the anatomy but is often neglected by the society. When individuals are hit with any skin ailments, more often than not, they resolve to any products or treatments promising a “quick fix” which can be ineffective and quite detrimental for one’s health.

Skin ailments includes the common acne and blemishes faced by more than 85% of the population at one point or another as well as the more clinical skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis which are more seen in the urbanized community. Solutions within the society at the moment are very fragmented and each solution is very silo in their approach to resolve the skin concerns.

  • Skincare and hair care products are developed and marketed with limited information on how effective / safe these products are clinically or when combined with certain treatments.
  • Conventional Beauty Centers/ Spas mostly provide treatments without any scientific backing to proof that certain steps or specific treatments work for a specific skin condition.
  • Medical Practitioners focuses on the more serious cases of skin ailments that are not manageable without specialist intervention.
  • Aesthetic Clinics/ Practices focuses on selling the idea of “beauty at all costs” with injections and invasive procedures, which can be harmful and cannot be undone.

As a result, the society is left running around trying out different products and treatments and different solutions without getting a full understanding on how each aspects interacts with one another. 4 out of 5 of these unfortunate individuals will end up frustrated and will reluctantly give up to ever finding a solution to their skin ailments.


This is where we come in, Dermalene, as a one-stop Centre to all skin ailments. From the formulation of effective skincare and haircare products to the establishment of skin spas with scientific backing and skin centers (combining skin spa and skin clinic) with medical practitioners specializing in dermatology, and a tint of aesthetic procedures, which are safe, non-invasive, and Shariah Compliant.

Over the past 4 years, we have developed a proprietary end-to-end skin care system that enables us to resolve almost any skin ailments. Dermalene provide treatment solution to skin problems aligning with our tagline, which is “Your Skin, Only Better”.  Using only skin friendly, clinically proven ingredients, scientific backed treatment regime, and 100% shariah compliant procedures, we boast of having 96% success rate at resolving the skin concerns of our patients


Dermalene Sales funnel covers both services and products ranging to skin, hair and nails treatment.

All of our services approved to be shariah compliant. We have a total of 3 branches of skin spa and 1 skin clinic across Malaysia. Up to this date, there are a total of 20 skin treatments in our skin spa. With over 150 new patients monthly and 7,000 existing patients accumulating to almost 35,000 visit, it can be concluded that Dermalene has it’s own market share in the industry.



As for our Product, all of our products are certified Halal Jakim and formulated by our own CEO, Dr Alina Hasni. Up to this date, we have a total of 9 SKU’s and accumulated almost RM 1.2 Million in revenue. Our SKU’s are all GMP and KKM certified and has proven effectiveness to our customers for the past 4 years. We also take the initiative to team up with big skincare brands in order to complement our SKU such as Heliocare and Endocare product.





As of today, we manage to gain a total of RM 6 Mil in our revenue. 70% of our revenue actually comes from the services that we offer and the other 30% are from products.

On the first year of operation, our company has actually been profitable and positive in cashflow. What causes the 6 Million in cumulative revenue to occur is from the number of patient’s visit that we have which is at 36,000. From that, it has actually allowed us to gather 6,000 number of databases. We do not just stop there as we aim to continuously grow our database and that is why every month, we would have at least 100 new patients coming on board to our store.

In regards of 30% products sales, we do realize that it’s about time for us to focus on boosting sales coming from that funnel. For 2021, we will initiate Dermalene Entrepreneurship Program thus allowing our agents to focus on product sales at the same time we would want to share this opportunity for people who would want to create their side incomes and be a free agent.


Talking about the demographic’s of Dermalene’s customer database, stereotypically, beauty usually dominates by the woman. But with us, we provide a brand that is not a gender biased as 70% of our customers are women and the other 30% are men.

Dermalene targets to be a “Skin Life Partner for every milestones of any individuals”. For example, when the person is a toddler and having eczema issues, they can come to Dermalene. Once he reached at the age of 15-20, where during this after puberty stage, skin breakouts usually happen, they can come to us for treatment. From the age 20-45, maintenance of the skin and preventing the skin from aging, Dermalene got that covered.

Our customer centric are mostly from young professional (age 25-35), business owners who would want to look good for their clients first impression (age 35-55), housewives and family skincare treatment let it be from their children being infected with skin rashes, lastly, active individuals who were involved a lot in sports and outdoor occupation.


In regards of our profit margin, for our services the range of margin would lies between 74% - 365%.

Whereas for our own Product Dermalene’s SKU’s, the margin lies between 50% - 400%. But as mentioned above, throughout our effort in joining venture with international brand has also helped to bring our SKU’s name into the attention of the society.

The best part about being in a skincare industry is the profit margin is huge as compared to others.


The current market valuation as according to GlobeNewswire for the year 2019, in Malaysia itself it has recorded an amount of RM 3.2 Billion.

It does not stop there, by the year 2027, the expectation would be projected to be at RM 5.1 Billion in Malaysia. The rise in number is due to the rise of psychographic behavior among individuals such as metro sexuality.

If we were to look at the global size in Asian region, according to statista.com, the skincare industry from the year 2015-2020 is worth at a total of RM 516 Billion.

The market size is huge, and the pie is really big enough for everyone because everybody wants to look good every day.


Aesthetic Services:

Dr Ko skin specialist, Hanan Medispa, Estetika Medispa, Persona Clinic & Medii Skin Studio.

The difference between us and them all is first, we provide Syariah compliance practices in our treatment, we only use customer’s skin and make it better rather than invasive method. In addition, none of the brand mention above provide proper guidance and treatment to serious skin infection such as eczema and Derms.

Skincare Products:

Mary Kay, Hadalabo, Kiehls, Sendayu Tinggi & Lumin.

In terms of our product, we produce the same quality of products but at a cheaper price. Secondly, some of the brand mentioned above does not have their own entrepreneurship system. Even if they do, based on our research, the commission rate that Dermalene Entrepreneurship Program gives to our agent is far greater than others.



We are seeking to raise a maximum of RM 1 Mil for our crowdfunding campaign. Our breakdowns to the requested amount are as shown in the table above. 25% would go to building 5 new SKU’s in our product line.

Another RM 25% is towards building our e commerce platform. We believe the internet has become a need in our society nowadays which is good so that we can leverage our product sales at that platform.

Another 30% is towards opening at 2 new skin spa branches in the Klang Valley area.

Last but not least the other 20% is on developing camera technologies and Apps that can detect skin problems and giving solutions only through a tip of your finger.


Our main goal for Dermalene is to have our own National Skin Centre or in Bahasa its called as Institut Kulit Negara (IKN). If heart can have their own Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), why can’t the skin. This is all about giving back to the society by providing a one-stop center for all individuals whom is experiencing with skin issues.

We pledge to be a caring skin life partner by providing evidence based, clinically proven, effective, and efficient solutions committed towards providing impactful results.

We help clients uncover their best potentials, leading a life to the fullest by being confident in their own skin. We strive to build a resilient and progressive nation that is assertive, positive, and compassionate towards achieving genuine victory.


In the early stage of Dermalene, Dr Alina the CEO has invested RM 135,000 and she owns 89.95% of the share. Whereas the second investor is Dr Normahdiah (Dr Alina’s Mother) amounted at RM 15,000 owning 10% of the share. Lastly is Puan Anees (DR Alina’s sister) amounted at RM 75.00 owning 0.05% of the company’s share.

Earlier 2020, we have been approach by a VC who would want to invest RM 3,000,000 for 30% but due to the terms, our board of directors choose to respectfully decline the offer.


Name: Dr Alina Hasni (Pic on the left)
Post: Co-Founder/ CEO
Qualification: Master in clinical dermatology from Cardiff University

Our CEO Dr Alina Hasni has a strong shared value in her heart. Ever since young, story telling and transferring imparting knowledge has been part of her life. She holds strong belief in giving knowledge to people on empowering the community. At the age of 18, she started to build her own website and YouTube content about health and giving tips on living the life in healthiest way. 

Pursuing her degree in Russian Medical State University and graduating as a medical doctor. During her times in housemanship, she realized that patients in regards of skin issues in Malaysia often having trouble finding good doctors to help them. There isn’t one centre in Malaysia that people can actually refer to with their skin problems.

As for that, she choose to pursue her career/education (Masters) in dermatology. Being given scholarship by MARA to study in Clinical Dermatology field from Cardiff University, as one of prestigious skin school in the world. She gained a lot of info from there causing her to feel guilty if she would not share these contents to the society. That’s what spark Dermalene. Primary aim is to share skin knowledge to everybody. It is quite sad to know that skin is the largest organ in the anatomy but often forgotten. But Dermalene’s final goal is to develop a National Skin Centre for Malaysia and to serve Malaysians to whomever is experiencing skin issues in the shariah compliance method.

If the heart can have IJN (Institute Jantung Negara), why cant’ the skin? Dermalene future and goal to achieve is to develop IKN.

Name: Mr Zarif Bin Kamardin (Pic on the Right)
Post: Co-Founder/ Executive Chairman of Dermalene
Qualification: Chartered Accountant of CPA Australia and Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA)

Our executive chairman is actually the beloved husband for our CEO Dr Alina. Before venturing together in Dermalene team, Mr Zarif is a certified Chartered Accountant of CPA Australia, Mr Zarif graduated from University of Adelaide, Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance. He is currently a Financial Analyst at Bank Negara Malaysia.

He began his professional career as audit associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers for 3 years gaining comprehensive business skills and leadership. This experience enables Mr Zarif to understand more in depth on entrepreneurship. This is what sparks him to be the No 1 support for Dr Alina to pursue onto Dermalene’s biggest dream which is IKN (Institute Kulit Negara).

His support is what keeps Dermalene forward till the day today. If Dr Alina is the backbone of Dermalene. Then Mr Zarif is the backbone of Dr Alina. It is truly until that extend.






Starting only from 1 outlet located in Vista Alam in 2018, consisting not more than 2 people in the management team and 4 therapists in the operational team. Now, Dermalene in just three years have grown to 3 outlets consisting of 12 people in the management team (First Photo) and almost 20 therapists in the operational team.

We are looking by 2030 to have 50 skinspa and 10 skin clinics across Malaysia. Developing new skin partners and experts in Malaysia together producing more job opportunities for the society.


Our CEO has slowly been recognized as the skincare expert in Malaysia towards giving advices to healthy skin routines. As from the big brands/logo above, they were the one who invited our CEO to come and give a little bit topic to discuss about human skin. This pretty much gives us the brand awareness for Dermalene itself. At the same time, with this mass media coverage, it has allowed us to gain the trust from our future and existing customer due the fact that we featured in this medias.


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