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What is DAQtruck? 

DAQtruck is a game-changing B2B centralised platform and will be the largest and most promising logistics platform. Before I get into the subject, please allow us briefly introduce ourselves.     


DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd:- The Fundamentals of Experiences and Knowledge

DAQ Logistics Sdn Bhd is a cold chain logistics company which provides temperature-controlled storage and logistics services to various third parties. DAQ has started operating back in 2015 and as at today in 2019, we owned 41 trucks in total (and still counting!) and has covered most areas all over Malaysia. We are growing rapidly and expanding aggressively but our demands still exceed far more than what we can currently supply which, however, is actually a good sign! 


Why is it so? 

Most of our current clienteles are of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), and as you would have knew, SMEs are a big part of the domestic economy accounting for 97% of over 645,000 establishments in Malaysia and more than 90% of the business are SMEs. Along with our team who are both flexible and experienced in handling the various needs and expectations from our customers, we can boldly presume that we have a whole lot more rooms for expansion which are totally in line with our goals and direction. 

With no intention of slowing down and using the vast experiences we have gained in the logistics industry, we want to bring logistics one step further ahead with a touch of technologies, DAQtruck. 


DAQtruck:- Be Leading Logistics Provider and Penetrate Into Worldwide Market

This is not a joke or exaggeration! In year 2019, we come up with a whole new business model, where we aspired to be a leading logistics provider not just in Malaysia but also worldwide! Traditionally, expansion simply means investing a huge amount of funds and capitals to buy more trucks, build warehouse, and merger and acquisition of other companies. However, in this brand new era of technology, this should no longer be the way of doing business and we should adapt the power of technologies into our business model!

As such, after years of experiences in the logistics industry with the motive to provide customers the best quality services, our dedicated team has come up with an excellent online platform, DAQtruck, which is a many-to-many marketplace to cater the various needs and demands. To better illustrate, we function our platform like GrabCar, whereby the transports will not be owned by us but we will remain as the largest transports provider worldwide. 

Among the most intriguing features of DAQtruck includes:
1. Partners are not necessarily logistics companies, but any company with logistics departments or any truck owner can also be part of us.

2. SMEs' focus on cost-effective delivery methods, we provide efficiency in logistics through Consolidated (LTL) deliveries. 

3. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligent (AI) technologies are used in our platform.


What We WANT

We want to know if you are seeing eye to eye with us in making this big project a success! 

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