Best Cold storage and logistics solution in Malaysia


Coldpack offers temperature control cold chain facilities and customer-centric fruit / veg repacking solutions, for clients from around the world. Key features of our storage and repacking services are:

- Storage

Our versatile multi-unit cold room configuration supports cross-varietal fruit storage. As a result, there is no limitation to the types or varieties of fruit / veg we can store at optimal temperature.

- Repacking

To maximise product shelf life, our repacking services take place in a fully equipped repacking facility located within the cold room. The product is offloaded onto pallets, graded, quality control inspected, portioned and packed according to client specifications.

- Global Gap Accreditation

With the growing demand of Malaysian farmers to be able to export their product to the European Union, Coldpack has decided to collaborate on a Global Gap Training programme in Malaysia with our South African partner office, Picafruit (Pty) Ltd.


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