A Process Control Instruments Company


Celectric Sdn Bhd is a Process Control Instruments Supplying Company based in Penang. 

Celectric is distributors for brands like Contrec UK, Vogtlin Instruments, Yokogawa, Gems, Setra, and other industrial well-known brands.

We move ourselves to become a Technological Company which utilize modern technology like E-commerce, Team Collaboration Tools, Project Management Applications, and etc to increase customer awareness and exposure.

What are Market Problems

  • Conventional man to man sales is too slow.
  • The customer can't find the correct technical solution, end up with purchasing wrong instruments for wrong applications.
  • Difficult to reach the salesperson or company for the brands they wish to buy.
  • Most of the customers looking ready stock, which is not available in most of the company due to slow moving stock.
  • Not efficient when providing pricing to the customer, as most of the model need to refer back to the principal for pricing.

What are Our Ideas

  • Provide an efficient and fast platform for the customer to get pricing and decision.
  • With utilizing the power of the website to outreach customer not only Malaysia but even outside Malaysia.
  • We are providing customer satisfaction services like Goods Return, Cash on Delivery*, Free Technical Support, and Free Delivery.
  • We accept the return for any wrong purchase; this increase customer confidence in the purchase. The returned product could back in our stock for other customers.

* Due to the economy downturn, most of the company are having payment in advances. Somehow this is a bad experience to the customer, as some of the delivery of the instrument could be as long as 3 months.

What are Our Future Plans

  • Setup instruments calibration lab with web tracking and tracing of calibration due date.
  • Instruments renting services with technical support and advice.

Why are we different

  • Customer needs technical support rather than just a low price in Process Control Instruments Industry.
  • We passionate about improving our technical knowledge


Single largest quantity purchase in Celectric history

6 months ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

In 30/8/2019 a day before Malaysia Merdeka Day, Celectric receive 2 separates POs for GEMS sensors products.

1st PO: Total of 344 units Flow Switches

2nd PO: Total of 75 units Flow Switches.

Which total of 419 units combined, that value more than RM400k.

This is a great milestone achieved for Celectric, the train of Celectric is getting longer and we will keep moving to higher milestone


GEMS Sensor and Controls is in our list of products

about 1 year ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

As Gems Sensor and Controls are part of Fortive Group which is same parent company of Setra, and we are proud to handle GEMS Products as well. GEMS is an well-know sensors maker and widely used across Process and Automation Industry.


We are official Setra Distributor in Malaysia now.

about 1 year ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

Setra Systems, Inc. was founded in 1967 by brothers Dr.Y.T. Li and Dr. S.Y. Lee, both professors of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-developers of the variable capacitance transduction principle.

In 2018 Celectric Sdn Bhd is officially appointed as Setra's Malaysia distributor.


Setra is in our Brand range

almost 2 years ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

Now we added Setra in our products range. Setra is a well-known name in Pressure measurements, Celectric proud to represent Setra in Malaysia and look forward to a closer cooperation.

The high quality of Setra meet our philosophy of providing quality yet affordable products to customer. 


Celectric in Twitter now

over 2 years ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

Visit Celectri's Twitter page at https://twitter.com/celectric_my, we update news about applications and products frequently there.

Follow us @celectric_my, or visit Celectric's website for more products information.


Precision Digital is in our Product line now

over 1 year ago by Ch'ng Eng Loon

Established in 1974, Precision Digital Corporation is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation utilized primarily in industrial processes worldwide.

Celectric proud of representing Precision Digital's brand in Malaysia since July 2018. The new product line improves our product range and our mission to provide complete solutions to the customer.

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