CDL Tech Plantation Sdn Bhd's core business are mushroom cultivation and marketing through hypermarkets and other distribution channels. To develop this labour intensive business, technology and machineries play an important role in contributing towards effectiveness and efficiency of the business. CDL had developed its supply chain and reaching into bigger market - hypermarkets. The company also have been supplying media bags to other growers and buyers. CDL mushroom focus on the development of improved (mushroom) growing media, with added characteristics and also to increase and improve the quantity and quality of mushroom. With our current scale of production, Smart Mushroom House enable to minimise number of labour and to increase the quality and diversify mushroom in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical. Focusing on the demand for mushrooms in Malaysia is projected to increase in line with the increase in population and consumption per capita due to their concerns towards health and other benefits. The demand is estimated to increase from 15,000 metric tons in 2010 to around 67,000 metric tons in 2020.



Most mushroom farms grow their mushrooms indoors – humidity, temperature and co2 in all areas of the farm must be precisely controlled to produce optimal growth. In CDL mushroom monitoring solution, humidity, temperature and co2 is tracked in real time via sensors placed into the mushroom growing system at key intervals. Factors of growth are controlled based on data from sensors to follow an optimal “growth curve” for the mushrooms at their distinct stages of development. Today, with the Internet of Things (IOT) Technology, the utilization of sensor, actuator, network technology in an oyster mushroom house allowing the most suitable environment conditions to be monitor and control for optimum oyster mushroom growth in efficient manner. The important factor for mushroom growing besides the nutrition is providing an appropriate environment both for vegetative and reproductive growth.


The cosmetic industry has advanced and in constant search for natural compounds or extracts with relevant bioactive properties, which have become valuable ingredients to design cosmeceutical formulations. There are many species of edible mushrooms in Malaysia which are either cultivated such as Agaricus spp., Auricularia spp., Pleurotus spp., and which are harvested in the wild such as Polyporus spp., Ganoderma spp., and Termitomyces spp. Studies has shown that these mushroom are very nutritional with high contents of fibre, proteins, vitamins and low in fats, sodium and cholesterol contents. They are also considered medicinal with good anti oxidative properties and anti inflammatory properties. It has been recognized in having important medicinal benefits, and are slowly finding their way into the cosmetic industry in cosmeceutical applications, either as creams, lotions, or ointments. Many people are becoming more aware of products made from natural ingredients not only because of the abundance of these natural resources in their areas but people perceive the ingredients extracted out is as good for them.


In recent years, the demand for savory snacks has increased by 15–20% of the current market value every year. The snack food industry has been largely driven by the customer demand for snack vegetables. Increasing demand of organic and natural snack foods has been foreseen by snack food production industry, indicating that there is a tendency toward healthier snack options. Gray oyster mushroom is one of the commercial edible mushrooms that could be cultivated around the world. Gray oyster mushroom can be eaten raw and frequently used in Asian cookery in soups, stuffed or in stir-fry recipes. Like many mushrooms, gray oyster mushroom is rich sources of nutritive values such as proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, while it provides low calories and fat content. In addition, it is also an ideal diet for vegetarians, diabetic and heat patients

•CDL business gradually shifted from production to trade, so processing and preserving became more important and types of mushroom products, including frozen food, preserved mushrooms, mushroom-based snacks, concentrates and ingredients.


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