CALMS Technologies develop solution that helps organizations with large user base to efficiently manage their community with an Integrated Smart ID for automation & self-service implementation to save cost, improve productivity & security and enjoy a better workspace experience.

We are in the Smart Identity business since 2002 and now extending our IR4.0 offerings on energy savings and machine monitoring. As well as moving into more cloud & transaction base revenue.

With many proven and strong references of more than 1,000 customer base, CALMS has a scalable distribution strategies via channel partners throughout countries & sectors with presence in 15 countries & 35 oversea channel partners already in place. Export revenue is already contributing 30% to revenue and is expected to increase to more than 50% in 3 years’ time where

  • Mature markets places more emphasis on identity tracking & security
  • Developing markets places more emphasis on contact tracing & cost savings
  • We are sector agnostics, with ability to custom-fit our product suites for firms with 500 headcounts and above
  • IOT also allows multi-location premises to have management and support to be centralised from our KL hub

The Energy Saving Management solution already received grant of RM500,000 for  pilot implementation at UPM & UiTM under the National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (“NTIS”) project which provides a strong boost for this new market segment.

  • Aircons energy alone forms 1/3 of university expenses
  • Manual & inefficient monitoring
  • 100 devices pilot deployment
  • Subscription / Rental
  • Net cost & downtime reduction
  • Data allows future planning
  • Ready to scale & export

We are raising a minimum of RM2 million primarily to scale up revenue growth in export markets & improve on products offering for cloud subscription & transaction solution to further capture market share in the high growth area of IoT and Contact Tracing market.


Many companies and premises are still not well equipped to manage their “users” which includes employees, students, members, suppliers, contractors, customers and visitors as

  • Too many users that are not being effectively identified, traced or updated
  • Manual processes or fragmented systems that are not being automated & integrated
  • Duplication of IDs in different systems, creating inefficient database & security management

The problem is no longer just an IT or Security issue for forward looking firms but an immediate need as company need to be able operate more efficiently to save cost within a safe environment especially in this challenging time where competition is more intense post pandemic.


With an integrated single Smart ID system working with various devices and system, we help companies to securely manage their community, track and monitor productivity as well as save cost with various applications provided by CALMS Technologies. The solution also enables company to link the various independent system through one single identification platform via various tokens such as cards, wristbands, biometrics, QRCodes or mobile phones.

We are providing not only solution that focuses on Situation Awareness but also into Automation and Optimisation where IoT devices will be playing more and more important role as organisation move forward with the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0.

Our whole suite of user management products enable a better User Experience for close-loop* systems, from large corporations, hospitals to prisons.

Physical User Experience matters, this is where we designed & implemented our

products for more than 1,000 clients across 15 countries. Our solution is

  • Feature rich & customisable
  • Hardware independent
  • Flexible integration
  • Remote support
  • Export friendly





More than 1,000 customers across multiple industries

Presence via 35 channel partners in 15 countries.

Strong access to eco-system partners for ready integrated environment.


Some of Our Clients:

What our clients say about us:



US$1 bil. intersected addressable market size, CALMS is in the forefront to be the go-to supplier to integrate Identity, Smart Workplace & Energy Management System

  • >33,000 large corporates/premises in our target markets and sectors (APAC & MENA)
  • Average annual spending of >US$2 mil. in IoT
  • High customer retention rate, (with our longest customer being with us since 2004) allow us to cross-sell solutions & support services
  • Double-digit growth rates due to favourable industry tailwind on IoT, contact tracing & cost-savings
  • Established 35 channel partners in 15 countries and growing


Diversified revenue streams of transactional & recurring with the growth plan of expanding our export markets.

  1. One Time Fee
    • On Premise Licence Fee for Software
    • Hardware or Devices
    • Implementation, Project Management & Training
  2. Cloud Subscription with Transaction Fee
    • EDUPurS Cloud for education
    • Self Services Printing
  3. Cloud Subscription
    • Cloud TAMS & ViMS for SME
    • Cloud Energy Savings for SME
  4. Annual Support & Maintenance
    • For Hardware &
    • On Premise Software



We are uniquely positioned to address all of our clients needs, locally and globally:

Scalable distribution strategies via channel partners throughout countries & sectors


We’re raising a minimum of RM2 million primarily to scale up revenue growth in export markets for 5.4% equity (pre-bonus shares)


Market leader in Integrated Smart ID solutions for seamless and efficient digital environment.

  • Malaysia Technology Development Corporation, a government agency under the  Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation.
  • Business Growth Fund of RM3 million under Preferential Share

Koh Lee Ching, CEO

She is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering (B.Eng) from the renowned Imperial College, London and among the forerunner in the smart ID solutions industry in Malaysia. She founded the company in 2002 and today, CALMS empowers clients across various sectors to automate and improve their card issuance, usage and management processes while maximizing the return of investment of their smart ID deployment. Having made a mark in the domestic and regional market, she is now steering CALMS to the next level as a global player. Past president of Technopreneurs Assoc. of Malaysia and Member of the Malaysia and ISO Standard Technical Committee on Identification Cards and Related Devices.


Growth to be driven by core team of technopreneurs with inhouse R&D & Support team, backed by MTDC since 2011

Adam Tan, Sales Dir
Adam is the pioneering team member of CALMS Technologies & comes with more than 20 years of experience in the technical sales for smart card, RFID system and solution & spearheads the sales team to optimize customers experience towards smart environment and developing CALMS clientele across various sectors. He committed to lead the way to higher levels of service quality and client satisfaction towards CALMS solution.


Sivakumar, Technical Dir
Siva leads the team of software engineers at CALMS in developing and innovating solutions. He enjoys the challenge of keep up with the new technology to create the best solution for a seamless and convenient user experience. Siva holds the Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering degree from St. Peter’s Engineering College (University of Madras) Tamilnadu, India and has more than 18 years of experience.


Mohd. Farish Nizar Othman, Director
Board representative from MTDC


Muhammad Ab. Rahman, Director
Board representative from MTDC



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