Design in KL, Assembled in Switzerland

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Calibr (/ˈkaləbər/) & Co. was established to make a LUXURY PRODUCT AFFORDABLE. We only use a proven quality materials & components WITHOUT EVER substitute it with a cheaper alternative. We use the same (read:better) materials & method that are used by other premium brand without compromise. That is our PROMISE. Born in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Luxury Watchmaker & Premium Audiophile Maker with intention to DISRUPT the whole premium industry. We handpicked only THE BEST materials and components possible for the fraction of price. We tested all of our product for a minimum of TWO (2) years to ensure the durability and quality are remaining intact as day one. That is why we can give a full 10 YEARS WARRANTY on all of our products. This is a product that will last for centuries. We GUARANTEED! Without a middleman, we are able to offer our customers with the best price and value possible. We sell directly to you without having to pay for the middleman fees. Rest assured that this is the MOST AFFORDABLE luxury product money can buy. Calibr & Co. Design in KL, Assembled in Switzerland

  • Mohamad Sofi Ismail

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