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  • Bridzia is the leading E-commerce Solutions Provider in Malaysia
  • Our clients are some of the biggest retail brands in Malaysia and Asia – Guardian, Giant, Cold Storage, MYDIN, F&N, Coach, Kinokuniya and more
  • Our Omnichannel Commerce Technology has enabled some of our clients to grow their sales by 900%
  • We target to raise investment to expand across South East Asia to be the leader

  • Consumer’s behavior has changed. They spend time shopping and browsing on multiple channels such as Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, Instagram, What’s App
  • Retailer’s struggle to sell their products on all these channels efficiently
  • Stocks and manpower need to be increased to sell on multiple channels simultaneously
  • Uploading and managing thousands of products and promotions across multiple channels daily becomes an extremely resource intensive task and full of pricing and inventory issues caused by human error
  • Inefficient stock management results in overselling and underselling stocks and bad customer experience
  • Retailers that are unable to adapt to this change risk losing out on millions of dollars in sales


  • Bridzia’s Omnichannel Technology allows you to centrally manage your product, inventory, orders, deliveries and customers
  • Increase inventory efficiency – one inventory can be simultaneously sold on multiple channels
  • Increase sales opportunity, improve stock turnover, improve cashflow
  • Our technology helps you to manage tens of thousands of products in one system to sell on multiple channels
  • Achieve great customer experience. Allow customers to buy online, pickup in store. Buy online, return in store
  • Know who your customers are regardless of which channel they are buying from and easily cross sell and up sell more products by understanding their behavior


  • Bridzia’s Omnichannel Technology enables retailers to sell on multiple channels simultaneously such as their own E-commerce site, Mobile App on iOS App Store and Android Play Store, Online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Social Commerce channels like Facebook Store, Instagram Store, Google Shopping and many more
  • Product details, price, inventory is managed centrally in our system and can be automatically synced to all channels with just one click. Just 1 person to manage tens of thousands of products
  • Orders from all channels are automatically synced back into our system so that order deliveries can be managed efficiently. Never miss shipping out an order anymore
  • A single inventory can be synced to multiple channels to increase chances of selling. Reduce inventory cost and increase sales
  • Our technology integrates deep into our client’s backend systems and highly customizable to fit our client’s requirements to streamline business processes. This unique capability is what allows us to win large enterprise retailers as our clients


  • Bridzia’s annuals sales have grown 12% in 2019
  • Recurring monthly revenues have grown 435%
  • We continue to win large enterprise clients every year – Our client list is a reflection of our credibility in E-commerce industry
  • Our sales and recurring monthly revenues growth reflects a clear path to profitability and sustainable business

Client’s testimonials


  • Bridzia has come in handy revamping Guardian E-Commerce Site. Due to their comprehensive knowledge in technology and E-commerce system, an improved UX has been developed to enable Guardian online shoppers to enjoy a seamless online shopping experience. It is my pleasure to have Bridzia as part of the team cum agency and to work and in hand to grow Guardian's E-Commerce business!


  • We embarked on our E-commerce journey with support from Bridzia and it has been a success. After meticulous planning with the professionals at Bridzia we were able to work out an E-commerce vision for our Retail business. Their team has proven to be very knowledgeable in E-commerce and provided a lot of insights into how we can build and grow our E-commerce business.


  • We serve some of the biggest retail brands in Malaysia and Asia across multiple industries. Some of the clients we serve:
  • Supermarket/Groceries - Giant, Cold Storage, MYDIN, AEON Retail,
  • Health & Beauty - Guardian, Sothys
  • FMCG - F&N
  • Fashion – Coach, Lusan Mandongus
  • Bookstore - Kinokuniya
  • Electrical & Electronics – Tan Boon Ming(TBM), Thundermatch(TMT)

  • Our clients have business presence across SEA countries and some have expressed interest to use our technology for their other country’s businesses
  • Selling to an existing client is 70% easier



Clients pay a large onetime fee to use our technology and a monthly retainer fee

  • We have started to introduce a lower onetime fee with a higher monthly retainer fee that is more financially attractive for clients and provides us with a consistent and more profitable revenue stream
  • For high potential clients with high sales growth, we offer a cost per transaction model that allows us to grow our revenues together with our clients sales (case to case basis)


  • South East Asia(SEA) is THE fastest growing E-commerce market in the world
  • SEA E-commerce market is estimated to be worth USD100 Billion in 2025 (~RM400 Billion) –Google/Temasek eConomy Report 2019

  • Covid-19 is expected to accelerate this growth by another estimated 20-30% from this year(2020) to next(2021) as retailers rush to increase their sales on digital channels due to changing consumer behavior
  • This is the best time for Bridzia to expand to SEA and capture this growth opportunity


  • Our target clients are mid to large retailers that have multiple retail stores and complex operations.
  • Cloud hosted E-commerce systems like Shopify are too simplistic and cannot fulfill their needs


  • We aim to raise RM3 Million investment for 15% shareholding
  • The investment raised will be used mainly to expand our business presence in SEA and enhance our technology to each country’s local channels
  • Business Expansion – RM1.2 Mil
  • Technology Enhancement  - RM1.2 Mil
  • Marketing – RM470k
  • Others – RM130k


  • We target to become the Omnichannel Commerce leader across South East Asia
  • We plan to expand to Singapore by end of this year 2020
  • Subsequently to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines by 2021-2022

  • Financially, we aim to break even by end of 2022 and achieve profitability in 2023
  • Once we achieve profitability, we will start issuing dividends to shareholders
  • SEA is the fastest growing E-commerce market in the world and the top E-commerce players in the world are eyeing to expand to SEA. If we receive a buyout offer that is feasible, we will consider the exit plan and ensure all shareholders maximize their investment returns


  • Bridzia was started with initial investments from founders Danny Khow and Kobayashi Hironori
  • We subsequently received a total of USD350k from GMO-Z.COM PAYMENT GATEWAY PTE. LTD and UI2 Corporation from Japan




Danny Khow – Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Danny is a born entrepreneur at heart. In the year 1998 at the height of the dotcom boom, he dropped out college to pursue his dream to create the first online bookstore in Malaysia dubbed the “Amazon.com” of Malaysia.
  • After completing his degree, he joined E-net, Malaysia in year 2002 – a subsidiary of E-net, Korea – one of the leading E-commerce solutions provider in Korea.
  • After learning his trade in the E-commerce solution provider business, he soon started SeenerGy Sdn Bhd in Year 2007 as an E-commerce solution provider. He worked closely with Mr. Kobayashi from Commerce21, Ltd to develop E-commerce sites for some of the leading brands in Japan such as Wacoal and Mizuno.
  • 5 years later, he sold off SeenerGy and partnered Mr. Kobayashi to start Bridzia Sdn Bhd and has grown Bridzia to be one of the leading E-commerce solutions provider in Malaysia



Hironori Kobayashi – Co-Founder & Director

  • Kobayashi-san is a veteran in the E-commerce industry. He joined Commerce21, Ltd(Japan) from Year 2000 to 2013.
  • Starting from the Sales team he quickly rose to become the CEO of the company. During his years as the CEO of Commerce21, he has managed to turn the company from a loss into a profitable and leading E-commerce solution provider in Japan winning key customers in Japan such as Uniqlo, Mizuno, Coach, Toys R Us
  • When the opportunity came up to venture into the E-commerce market in Malaysia, there was no doubt in his mind that there is where he wants his next entrepreneurial challenge to be



Bridzia is made of up a team of 20-man strong web experts, E-commerce developers, and online sales experts who stay a step ahead of the competition. We started our journey by developing E-commerce businesses for overseas clients primarily within the Japanese and Korea markets. As the E-commerce market in Malaysia started to grow, the knowledge and experiences that we’ve gained over the years is now used to help local businesses to build up their E-commerce business successfully.



BFM interview: https://www.bfm.my/podcast/enterprise/open-for-business/ent-ofb-building-omnichannel-opportunities

Accepted as a member of Global Acceleration & Innovation Network (GAIN) by MDEC, a program is designed to catalyse the expansion of Malaysian and Malaysia-based technology companies that have the potential to become global players, ultimately building more Malaysian global tech icons

GAIN’s membership criteria:

  • Strong Financials
  • Global Aspirations
  • Forward-looking Leadership and Management team
  • Scalable/Inovative Technology Products and Solutions
  • Majority Malaysian-Owned and/or Malaysian-based


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Bonus Shares for Early Investors!

5 months ago by Danny Khow

We have great news for early investors. Pre-live investors that invests 20 lots (RM30,200) and above, will receive 15% more shares.

This is only valid during the pre-live part of the campaign and ends when Bridzia’s campaign goes live.

Do confirm your investments pledges as early as possible to ensure you get the bonus shares


Bridzia's first live pitch session on pitchIN Thursday 17th Sept

6 months ago by Danny Khow

Thank you pitchIN for inviting us to our first live pitch session yesterday.

We received lots of questions from interested investors wanting to understand our business. 

For those that have missed it, you can still watch the video here:

Bridzia pitchIN Live Pitch Thursday

For any interested investor that have further questions, feel free to drop us an email danny[at]bridzia.com.my

Watch this space often to find out the latest updates from us



Bridzia is the leading E-commerce Solutions Provider in Malaysia

Our clients are some of the biggest retail brands in Malaysia and Asia – Guardian, Giant, Cold Storage, MYDIN, F&N, Coach, Kinokuniya and more

Our Omnichannel Commerce Technology has enabled some of our clients to grow their sales by 900%

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