Enclave Gastrobars - Every Neighbourhood Needs One


With locations in Bangsar and Ampang, The Enclave Gastrobars are cozy neighbourhood / family restaurant bars servig a range of affordable and tasty Western and Asian dishes

Macro Environment - Our locations at Lorong Kurau, Bangsar and Persiaran Ampang are in leafy suburban neighbourhoods which are serene and relaxing, giving a protected enclave feel.

Interiors - Our interiors are designed to provide a warm, cozy, relaxing feel which appeals across all ages and generations. It's a place where you can have a family gathering, a drinking session with friends, or a romantic evening with your special someone. Our walls are adorned with pictures from historical Malaysia from 1800s to present day exuding  a nostalgic and vintage feel.

Music -  Our music selection is very carefully chosen to complement our cozy, warm atmosphere. We play a range of Jazz, Bossa Nova, and Vintage music which allows for a relaxed environment suitable for conversation.

Affordability - Our food offerings are priced very attractively with the majority of our dishes priced at RM20-30 per plate and a special draft beer package at RM125 nett for 10 mugs which can be parked indefinitely. In addition our wine selection features wines from Chile, Australia and France priced at very attractive RM100-150 a bottle.

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