A community inspired Beverage Brand #IAMFREE


Hey, It's Catherine here and Today I wanna pitch an effortless food tech business with the craze of boba.

Based on the deck attached below, it is more than just boba fix and this is because Boba on the Goo started as a community at IG on 22nd March 2019. 
Our main objective at that moment was just to understand The trend of Boba and what Malaysian likes.

As we kept on posting, our numbers increases and surprisingly orders are coming in. At first, we did not want to supply the demand.. so we purposely sell at RM 29.90 for a cup. But boba lovers even as far in Klang and Batu Caves are still crazy with it and we eventually deliver to them.



So why we are here today?

I personally was born and raised in the root of FnB family where my all my big family trees are all in the restaurant business and I've graduated from Berjaya School of Culinary and worked in hotel industry previously. So... I do understand that Every Fnb does face similar problems.


1. High Employee Turnover. It's very commonly or having at least 2-3 emotional staffs every month that learned enough operation skills and leaves

2. Missing Petty Cash: Even restaurant captain and manager has dirty hands-on keeping the petty cash clean

3. Risk of Investment 

4. Hard to Scale without SOP


So as a brand marketer itself, Boba on the Goo has come up with solutions to these pointers.


1. First priority still goes to having freshly brewed teas and coffees. Just 2 months back, we did a talent event called 50BEST Mixologists to gather great young talents and to provide them a platform for recognition. Surprisingly, these young talents were so creative with their mystery Blackbox ingredients that they had to create 2 different flavors of drinks and a total of 5 glasses each in 8 minutes. At Boba on the Goo, we aspire them to be a leader of tomorrow.


2. With tech involvement and massive activities, we're able to do a projection based on locations that we could strategies in the next 2 years.


I think the boba trend now is because of the overwhelming Milk Tea Street — but actually, as Malaysian, we love to be on the road which means transportation hub. And with this act that Boba on the Goo is doing ... is to be part of people's daily fix. Caltex and Petron are now our panel station


But boba on the Goo is more than that ... it's a community brand that uses tech and as for investors... we wanna help them make money too .. that's the ultimate goal.


3. We are technology backed to improve human error. We integrate Storehub for POS with Food Market Hub for Procurement and Workspez for accounting system... which mean we provide live reporting.


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