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Bioanalytical Quest Sdn Bhd is a start-up company developing high-quality Colloidal Gold Nanoparticle (CGN) for qualitative lateral flow

immunoassays (LFIA) test strip devices alongside other biochemistry related work. The company was established under Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) Symbiosis 2011 program under CRDF 1 fund. License for the development of the CGN (which is the crucial element in any LFIA development) was acquired from University Sains Malaysia, one of  Malaysian Higher Education Institutes.

The technology transfer has been started since 2012 when the company was operated from inside USM compound. Within the same time, potential collaborations have been approached including government agencies, local universities and research centres specializing in various fields related to Biotechnology.

In early 2017, Bioanalytical Quest has relocated its office and laboratory to Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Bukit Jalil. Since then, the company’s activity was maneuvered to cater to the potential LFIA market demand in order to maintain survival through business activity.

Many LFIA (or commonly known as “Rapid Kit”) products have been developed throughout the company’s existence. Several products including Conjugated gold nanoparticle solution, Drug of Abuse Tests, Brucella test, Dengue NS1 test and 4 in 1 Flu (Adeno, RSV, Influenza A & Influenza B) test have been materialized into many stages of development including the beta testing. However, due to the strict guidance and costly standard compliances towards medical devices have made most of the product developments to be impractical to pursue in regards to a competitive existing product in the market and low in demand. The foreseen circumstances have prompted Bioanalytical Quest to continue searching for products with crucial problem-solving opportunities and high market demand in order for the company to have a substantial business venture.

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