One Stop Printing E-Commerce Platform


Startup Story

BeLinked Enterprise is a company that founded by 2 passionate young people who love to organize events during our university life. We founded a club which name H2O Interact Club in Nilai University and succeed to gather 150 students within 2 years to join and create events with us. The population of the university is around 1500 students.

We found that printing and marketing material sourcing made a lot of troubles for every event organizers and SMEs. It is because traditional printing company request consumer to call or visit their store to get the quotation, this is inconvenient and not effective.

Industry Pain Point

Besides that, there are several nature of printing company such as offset printing, inkjet printing, t-shirt printing, merchandise printing and they are not connected with each other. Consumer need to communicate with multiple suppliers at the same time, thiscaused confusion happened. Furthermore, consumer couldn't know the market price for printing and marketing materials due to suppliers are hiding the price to wait for enquiry. 


PrintingLab.MY has launched after 2 years of founding BeLinked Enterprise (a traditional printing agency) to connect all the printing factories and manufactures to achieve the real One Stop Platform. With this platform, consumer able to get the price instantly by choosing the specification of each products. They can now complete the whole purchasing process without going out from home, office or college.



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