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BasidioCulture Industries Sdn Bhd (hereinafter known as “Basidio”) is the prime grower of specialised Schizophyllum commune mushroom species in a controlled environment with high technology adoption in Malaysia. It was established in November 2014 with the intention of developing the mushroom industry towards a high yield and high income business for the growers and the distributors. Thus, collaboration with Pusat Penyelidikan Bioteknologi Glami Lemi Universiti Malaya was initiated which leads towards a partnership between Basidio-UM.

BasidioCulture stands for the process of growing mushroom. Our business is focused on mushroom. We produce fresh mushroom, preserved mushroom, and in future towards mushroom based food products and nutraceauticals.

Schizophyllum commune is a small, whitish mushroom with no stalk which grows on dead trees throughout the year. It grows in dense, often shelving clusters and is known as the Split-gill mushroom because of the longitudinally divided nature of the gills. It is a very common fungus and has worldwide distribution (Hobbs, 1995). Locally it is known as ‘cendawan kukur. The leathery texture similar to meat, it’s good nutritional composition and taste of S. commune makes this mushroom a popular mushroom consumed among the Malay community in Malaysia, Indonesia and people in Madagascar, Nigeria and Northeast India. Currently, this mushroom has not been cultivated and is usually collected in the wild. Hence, the supply is limited and seasonal.

Besides being a delicacy, Schizophyllum commune has actually been acknowledged for its medical importance [29]. Pharmacologically, S. commune is extremely important because it produces the polysaccharide schizophyllan (b 1-3, b1-6 D glucan) which shows considerable medicinal properties [3, 30]. This polysaccharide has been developed and popular in Japan especially effective against cervical cancer.11 (Ooi and Liu, 2000). This polysaccharide has attracted attention in recent years in pharmaceutical industry as its immunomodulatory, antineoplastic and antiviral activities are higher than other glucans [31]. Our study shows that hot water extract which mimicks cooking of the mushroom exhibits good antioxidant potential.

Edible and medicinal mushrooms not only can convert the huge lignocellulosic biomass waste into human food, animal feed but -- most remarkably -- can produce notable mycopharmaceuticals, myconutriceuticals and mycocosmeceuticals. The most significant aspect of mushroom cultivation, if managed properly, is to create zero emission of lignocellulosic waste materials. Mushroom biotechnological products have multibeneficial effects to human welfare (e.g., as food, health tonics and medicine, feed and fertilizers, and to protect and regenerate the environment). Pharmaceutical substances with potent and unique health-enhancing properties were isolated recently from medicinal mushrooms and distributed worldwide. Many of them are pharmaceutical products, while others represent a novel class of dietary supplements or "nutraceuticals."

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