Delay-Proof Delivery


What is Millennials anyway? What is ME delivery? Well it defines me, you and us as the Generation Y that reshape the world into what it's like today. You see, being Millennials is not like a baby boomers. I mean for those who born 1980 and likely up to World War 1. We require fast thing in life, fast result, fast movement, not to mention fast food, fast wifi connection and of course, we need a fast delivery experience.

Define fast delivery. So here's the thing nowadays about our niche, E-Commerce might be the in-thing for us today especially for Millennials and of course as surveyed 80% millennials with age between 18 - 40 are populated within urban metropolitan city of The Greater Kuala Lumpur simply because we take it as the land of opportunity but its success hinges on a very real world problem or the industry itself - the reliability and efficiency of delivery service. 

Millennials Express aims to redefine how local delivery can be much more efficient, effortless and no harm to say a delay-proof. We are building a company that is dynamic, meritocratic and striving to innovate to improve and provide a better solution for the last mile delivery. At our core, we are a GreenTech company that is disrupting a logistics industry by harnessing further the power of metropolitan railways into cost-effective delivery for individual or businesses. As a young start-up launched early 2017 passionate about GreenTech and Logistics moving at a breakneck speed, our vision is always about to connect the delivery service within railway networks locally with the consumers.

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