The property management industry has not changed for the past 20 years. The biggest PROBLEM when staying in high-rise building or gated community is the amount of manual work that needs to be taken to solve a small issue. This billion-dollar industry is ripe for disruption and we want a piece of the market.

Alfred connect homeowners with the property management in all stages starting from handing over of vacant possession to day-to-day management tasks (i.e. submitting defects, facilities booking and any other applications). With property and home services combined in a single platform, Alfred was able to help both the property developers and homeowners. The SAAS business model has earn the company a predictable fixed and growing revenue.

Improve Efficiencies
We help streamline the handover process for the properties developer to help minimize the cost and improve the speed of execution. Transparency is ensured, customer engagement is improved and manual workload is drastically reduced.


Lessen Inconvenience
Alfred connects homeowners to the management office, so that you don’t have to be physically be at the management office to sort out your property issues. Trust in property developer and building managers is restored, increase brand value of the property and decrease the time it takes to solve properties issues.

The New Way of Work
Alfred introduces a new digital approach towards the old property management industry. Homeowners starts leveraging on the solution on the day they take the keys from the property developers.

Alfred helps to reduce the effort and paperwork needed when it comes to property management. Homeowners get to manage their home remotely and property developers are able to help

New Lifestyle
The need to go to the management office would be a thing of the past. Alfred provide both property and home services under one roof. We want to provide a new lifestyle app of the future that homeowners would get to need and enjoy to use.

We Are Profitable and Growing
We are serving over 10,000 active users in Klang Valley within a year of operation, we are projected to close an additional 10,000 active users by the end of 2019. The growth of ALFRED has been great last year and we would like to get your support to help strengthen our position in the market and gain more profit.

Multiple Revenue Stream
Our companies have business model that collect revenues from different channels. This is important for a new company, as we believe a company should remain competitive and yet running a business that is profitable. We are projected to earn a fixed RM50,000 per month and above and this can only be improved over time.

Think about it. What other industry that out there that is still doing things traditionally that is YET to be dirupted. Out of the hundreds of  industries have turned digital over the years , property management remain elusive. Until Now. Our company wants to get into a market that provides fixed and steady revenue stream.  The time is ripe for a disruption in this industry and we believe the stickiness of the solution would enable to ALFRED to grow for many years. Our company is making good profits margins and revenue within a short amount of time. This further validates our business models as a good company that you can rely on.

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