Making Affordable Sportswear To Help You Go The Extra Mile In Fitness


Hui Mathews founded ash be nimble in March 2014, starting from a humble beginning - launching the first collection of sports apparel with only 2 sports bra designs and 2 running shorts designs. Now the company has grown within a short period of time - launching a full range of sports apparel for men, women, children and also a muslimah range- becoming one of the most recognized homegrown active wear brands in Malaysia. Recently from October 2016 ash be nimble was the official activewear sponsor for Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 - and helped organise a trail run and a relay race for the 18 finalists in the trails of Bukit Kiara. This was filmed and aired on Astro DIVA. Hui began her career in the consulting field- leading various projects in companies such as PwC Sydney, E&Y Kuala Lumpur, AirAsia and The Boston Consulting Group, KL. Hui enjoys a variety of sports activities such as basketball, trail running- running 50km-70km trail races around South East Asia- placing in the top 10. Driven to lead and share her passion to live a healthy and fit lifestyle- Hui began her dream to create a sports wear brand that was both affordable, practical and stylish- keeping her styles to below RM100 each! Hui is now a mother of a baby girl born in December 2015 and she maintained her fitness lifestyle throughout pregnancy and post-partum. She is an advocate of eating healthily (in generous portions) and staying active throughout pregnancy, and if resumed after sufficient rest post-partum, will greatly assist in a smoother process and recovery overall.

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