Outsourcing Agriculture


Asastani Digital PLT is a company with an objective to develop an online platform and application that gather all source of agriculture information in Malaysia.

The start-up was founded and registered on 18 Dec 2018 to cater the needs of agricultural sectors in order to outsource supplies as well as to outsource its users to the markets.

With over 500 informations on small holder agriculture suppliers and farmers, Asastani provides services for its user to get best possible solution to thier needs according to their location. The company also developing the Internet of Things (IoT) system for agriculture that is usable both in urban and rural areas which is reachable under our integrated reachable communication protocol with LoraWan and Zigbee.

Our goals is to gather data on agriculture sectors that involve wide range of informations that may benefits all stakeholders from agriculture supplies, farmers, agencies and end-product. Boosting the established the national value of agriculture exports at USD26.18 Billion. Our system helps new and old farmers to get at least optimum yield through application guide under Artificial Inteligence (A.i) developments.

The company business address is started in Sibu Sarawak, a perfect location to see through rural agriculture development with strength internet connection.

The company targets to lauch its business nationwide in June 2020.

we believe this is the first concept of its kind and we have started to collect an early stage data over 2000 information on agriculture. As such we saw the headstart gives us better advantage to become primary digital provider for the agriculture industry in this region.

Our ultimate mission to to provide the best agriculture guide, outsourcing the best option while providing advice on locations, cost effective and optimizing yield and markets. 

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