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Aihome is a retailer of innovative personal and home technology products. Founded by two co-founders - Shaw Tan and Chris Ng, in 2018, Aihome offers a range of the latest smart home appliances and automation products for homeowners looking for the newest innovation in smart home products to upgrade their homes.

With a retail space dedicated to providing an optimal smart home experience, Aihome aims to deliver the latest and the most popular smart home appliances, devices and gadgets available in the market for the convenience of our customers and empower the way of life under one roof.


Programmatic Commerce Generates Passive Revenue

Even though smart home technology is in its infancy, one thing has become clear: consumers are more than willing to delegate routine and repeated purchases of product accessories to their machines. People lead busy lives, and letting a dishwasher order more soap or a coffee maker order more beans saves time.

More impressively, the smart appliance can even complete the transaction without any human input by simply accessing account information. Although these behaviours will need some time to be fully adopted due to security concerns or pure discomfort, they can significantly add to the long list of conveniences offered by the smart home.

Personalization is Still King

One thing that wi l l remain constant in the future of smart home technologies is that companies must be prepared to create a unique user experience through engaging content and social media. Using data accumulated by a product, more opportunities exist for companies to craft messaging and deliver product and service information specific to the user’s tastes, past purchasing habits, and product usage. Companies can access social network-powered communities that generate positive exper ience feedback and share helpful tips and product recommendations.

Sell an Experience and Continual Value, Not Just One-Off Products

Products are being commoditised daily. Over the past decade, the “X-as-a-Service” model or subscription model has changed the way people buy everything f rom the music they listen to, the movies and sporting events they watch at home and even the apps they use on mobile devices.

It now appears consumers are willing to apply that same model when it comes to making smart home purchases. Rather than simply making a purchase and owning a device until it becomes obsolete or breaks down, they can opt to sign a monthly service agreement that provides for product use and upgrades as smart technology continues to evolve.

This business model provides consumers with the connectivity and technology they are growing to expect and offers services to make family life more secure and comfortable while generating a predictable, monthly revenue stream for businesses.


We offer a variety of smart product and devices which are easily accessible through our online platform. Be it converting your house to a smart home or even looking for the latest smart appliances.

Simply browse through our website to go through various products that will make your way of living better and smarter.


Growth Trends over the Years

2018 - Opened first retail in Sunway Velocity.

2019 - Opened second retail in One Utama.

2020 - Opened third retail in Midvalley Mega Mall, done several smart home projects with developers, launching our  smart home Apps control.

2021 - Opening 3 more retails and launching our shopping Apps.

2022 - Open for franchise licensing and estimated at least one retail in each state of Malaysia.


21 - 55 age group, tech-savvy singles, couples and families with middle-upper income level.

It begins in Malaysia, and we then plan to expand into the whole of Southeast Asia.

Impulsive buyer, function-focued consumer, innovation-driven shopper.


Our business model creates a supply and demand that are mutually reinforced. We are the go to provider of smart products where we not only sell products through our platform but we are also going to be offering franchise opportunities to grow and scale our business.


The Malaysian smart home market is expected to exceed US$ 235 Million by 2025.

Smart homes are residences equipped with information and computing technology devices that anticipate and respond to the owner’s requirement effectively and efficiently. There is a growing demand in the Malaysian market for a safe and secure living environment, especially concerning safety functionalities and discrete monitoring for older adults.

In Malaysia, the people aged 65 or over account for around 6.5 percent of the total population. This demographic trend is expected to continue and will significantly influence social and economic structures. Also, the explosive population growth and dynamic shift in urban sprawl, coupled with the economic growth of megacities in the emerging economies, would pose a variety of opportunities for companies operating in the smart home market segment. According to the world meters, in 2018, 77.3% of the Malaysian population lived in an urban area. By 2030, roughly 83.4% of the population is expected to live in urban areas. This creates an enormous opportunity for the smart home market players.

The Malaysia smart home market is driven by factors such as a significantly growing IoT market, cost reduction measures enabled by home automation systems, manufacturers expanding their product portfolios, and the increasing importance of home monitoring from remote locations. With the growing demand for smart home devices, security and privacy breach are also increasing. The issues on privacy and security breach are restraining the growth of the smart home market.


We believe that there is no direct competition to be had with any players in Malaysia. We currently hold a strong first-mover advantage. We have prepared and partnered ourselves with several brands and organisations to better position the company to scale faster and more efficiently. 


We will be fundraising through the pitchIN ECF platform. The fund’s raise will primarily be utilised for our business to grow and scale faster and better.

Our fundraising goal for this campaign will be set at MYR 2,200,000 - MYR 3,000,000 in exchange for up to 10% equity.

The Funding received will be used for:-

  1. Business Development

  2. Marketing

  3. Production and inventory

  4. Working capital

Our Vision

To be the largest Ai Home product manufacturer in the market. We want our customers to experience the home of the future, a home where everyone can aspire to have, in the convenience of a retail space designed to provide an enriching learning experience.


We’ve been bootstrapping the development of the business and inventory. We are now looking to grow and scale it faster by opening investment opportunities. We hope that with the help of investors, we will develop and scale the business faster and better.


Shaw Tan

With 20 years of experience, Shaw Tan, as the pioneers in 3C industry in Malaysia. He has been adamant about the growth of new advanced technology and how consumers can benefit from smart home technology. 


Chris Ng

With 15 years of experience, Chris Ng has been exposed to the 3C industry at a relatively young start. With his passion for technology, he hopes that he can expand and grow smart solutions to all walk of life.


Our team is dedicated and experience in a part of digital and retail marketing. Especially during this time of Covid-19, where movement control has been in place, we have led our team to achieve a remarkable feat in ensuring that business is smooth as usual given the disadvantages the market is currently suffering from. 

Seven Ching
General Manager

Seven has over 16 years of experience in the daily operations of the leading 3C industry.  He has a history of performance in a supervisory capacity during manager absence and unavailability.  Proven skills in overseeing all staff, budgets, and operations of the local business unit while ensuring company profits are on the rise to help the company grow and thrive.

Sue Ng
HR and Accounting Manager

Sue experienced in Accounting and Office Management with more than five years of experience optimising productivity, managerial, financial and analytical establishments.  Highly dependable and reliable support leader that blends advanced organisational, technical and business acumen.  She works effectively with her expertise to achieve the company’s accounting financial and human resource objectives.

Shero Lam
Marketing Manager

Shero has over 5 years of experience in PR, Marketing and Events.  With her main strengths of creating stimulating contents with tactical and innovative marketing approaches and the extensive knowledge obtained from digital marketing, from manage to connect, she makes use of it to discover market insights and accelerate opportunities in the market for the company.

Carmen Foo
Brand Manager

Carmen has three years of experience in Branding and Content Creation, mainly curating thumb-stopping visuals and helps the brand stand out in a digitally-cluttered society.  With a sharp eye for branding, she helps the company build its brand’s DNA, creating a unique backbone and structure that sets its brand image apart in a digitally competitive market.

Noor Shahirah Binti Abu Samat (Shira)
E-commerce Sales Manager

Shira has over four years of experience in Sales and E-commerce, which is accountable for overseeing the online sales and presence of the companies that do business on the web.  With her knowledge of SEO, web design software, strong understanding of web analytics software and more, she can improve the company’s online presence and sales.

Ng Wing See
Purchasing Manager

Wing See has more than four years of experience in Sales and Procurement.  She manages the company’s sourcing capabilities and supply chain.  With her strategic and negotiation skills with suppliers and vendors, she helps the company acquire the most cost-effective deals and reduce procurement expenses.

Lim Tze Lin
Retail Manager

Tze Lin has five years of working experience in Sales and Retail.  He plans and guides the store’s day-to-day activities.  Develop customer service enhancement plans, drive store revenue, increase profitability, build store policies and marketing campaigns that boost sales and expand the current customer base.

Thomas Wong
Assistant Manager

Thomas has over three years of experience in Sales and Supervising. He ensures the store’s sales goals are accomplished, solving customer issues, arranging changes, reviewing product displays, and writing sales reports.

Looi Yee Hui
Assistant Manager

Yee Hui has four years of experience in the 3C industry of Sales and Staff management. He supervises and manages the store’s sales target, resolves consumer concerns, schedules stock arrangement, updates new product presentations, and writes sales reports.

We put high hopes in them and our other team members in growing the business to new heights.

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