Authentic and Affordable Arabic Food



Arabic Kitchen Restaurant located in Kampung Baru serves authentic Arabic and Lebanese food at an affordable price! 

Unique Selling Propositions

  1. Arabic food built on the foundation of a Lebanese Kitchen (known to be the some of the best of the Arabic world).
  2. Food is made by a Lebanese  chef. 
  3. All the ingredients are brought all the way from Lebanon and Syria
  4. We only use sunflowers in preparing our dishes
  5. Extra Virgin olive oil is used extensively in our Salads
  6. Priced at a point that all can afford and with an edge over other standard ‘Arabic’ restaurants .
  7. Experienced Lebanese restaurant manager (12+ years) whose a natural, warm, welcoming, maître de 
  8. Staff to wear Lebanese  traditional  dress 
  9. Strategic location with ample parking space
  10. Valet parking set up

Our services include:

  1. Full Buffet catering and hosting
  2. Birthday party hosting
  3. Wedding catering
  4. Corporate reservations
  5. Lunch deliveries
  6. Private (in-house) catering

Market and demand

  • Malaysians and food – eating is the ‘national sport’ and Malaysians have a “passion for eating out” – average Malaysian spends 700 ringgit on eating out per month – more than 64% eat at least one meal per day outside of the home (Star Online)
  • Malaysians love Arabic food and shisha – case study Marrakesh (Kampung Baru), The Castle (Ampang), Al Andalus (IMBI), Hadramawt Kitchen (Wangsa Maju), Arabesque Express (China Town)…. So many examples!!!
  • Arabs in KL – many reside here or spend large periods of time here – notorious for preferring own cuisine – and shisha-ing it up late into the night!
  • Tourists – students – global Muslims who doesn’t like great Lebanese food?

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