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A genesis in Malaysia’s marine fish industry! With a passion for aquaculture, Steven WK Lee left his law profession 12 years ago to join this industry. After a partnership in a business using re-circulation technology (RAS) in the production of a high value freshwater fish,Lee decided to set up his own nursery with two business partners in Bukit Pelanduk, close to Port Dickson, Malaysia. This time, it is in the production of grouper juveniles in an indoor nursery cum grow-out farm for on-growing in tanks and coastal cages as well as for sale in the open market. Its main business is in nursery and will be developing a multi-species hatchery to produce different species of grouper and shell fish to be supplied to local farming community. It also undertake via its subsidiary company, New Hoi Sin Sdn Bhd to buy back from local farmers and sell the products to local and export market. It has also develop an environmentally hybrid grow-out system which can produce quality fish without the use of antibiotics and harmful chemical. “Generally, grow-out farmers depend on imported fry and fingerling supplies, mainly from Indonesia for the groupers and Thailand for seabass. Usually, there is a disassociation between farmer and hatchery once fry or fingerlings are sold. The hatchery is no longer responsible for any deformities or poor growth performance. On the other hand, Aqua Genesis have given itself the mandate to supply farmers with quality juveniles for grow-out. As we also buy back the fish, it is our responsibility to ensure that that juveniles perform well in the farms without any deformities which we know our buyers and retailers will reject. “A nursery and hatchery business is very challenging for my team. However, we need to address the challenge to find the most efficient processes. Efficiency in costs is finding the best performance from the feeds available in the market and also staff productivity. Currently we focuses mainly on hybrid grouper species which currently in demand by farms in Malaysia. These are also species such as coral trouts, barramundi cod and others where we have developed our know-how and experience. We have also develop an oyster hatchery and will be spearheading into oysters farming in Malaysia soon. Aqua Genesis has built a strong team to meet the challenge in developing the most effective protocols for an economic operation.

  • Steven Lee
    Founder & CEO

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