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Yes, we had baby and it was tough (as a father if u ask me). Me and my partner struggle to find way to introduce solid food with vegetable and meat for our baby. Kids so not love veggie. Nothing is imposible as we finally got an idea to make a complete meal of it and our baby really love it. Shes two now yet still eating it. Not only that, we also gave sample to friends and neighbour with good feedback. Finally we end up here.

So whats so special about our product? We use food powder technique whereby we premix selected ingredients with white rice to make complete meal. As to deliver nutritious food among baby, we done lot of reading and research about it. We prepared evenything from scratch (shopping raw material) till packaging to standardise our product. Lot of work for two of us. 

Yes we are new, we setup our business in mid 2018, yet without any experience in food industry. I was an ex engineer and my partner was a lecturer. We seek guidance from MARDI and joined Agropreneur Muda Programme to enchance our knowledge with their food specialist. We verified all our production process with them and follow KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) guidelines although we are home-based businesses. We dedicate one of room in our house just for production. 

So im here to seek any further opportunites to grow either by financial or experience. We will have few product lineup in future. You are welcome to help us. 


  • Nazmin Zulbadli

We are on !!

almost 2 years ago by Naz

Businesses are on when most people off. We quite busy to restock and manage our inventory. Good sale but need more. Will enter few shop on next week. 

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