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Dr.Online is a global online medical platform developed for the provision of medical services where Patients and Doctors have face-to-face consultation online via computers or smartphones or a “VIRTUAL CONSULTATION”. Dr.Online aims at revolutionizing the method of conventional medical services being delivered,  whereby the patients can be at home and medical services being delivered to their doorstep. Aiyoway Dr.Online Technology Investment Limited, owns “Dr.Online” and its subsidiaries worldwide. It is fully specialized in providing online healthcare services and real-time video consultation with doctors and other healthcare service providers. Dr.Online’s activities will be dedicated to the health sector in full scale and the company will offer an all-inclusive service going from the health issue identification to the treatment based on consultation and diagnosis. The assets of the company will consist the establishment of an informatics platform which will allow a specialized team of healthcare specialists to monitor its users/patients in real time via handphone application (App) whereby they can receive the analysis of their results, treatment schedules, health risks due to lifestyle habits etc. This via the app will ensure rapidity and efficiency as well as equipping the healthcare professionals with the required information needed for health management.


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