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Aaira Marine Consultants & Services Sdn. Bhd. conducts a business of:

1. Constructs, mantainence, and supply a marine vessel such as patrol craft, fast craft and modern commercial fishing vessels.

2. Import and export marine vessel and spare-parts as well for vessel constructions.

3. Providing a consultant of dealing in trading of vessels, designing and arranging any activities related with marine industry.

i.GA Drawing

ii.3D Design

iii.2D Design

iv.Calculation related with Naval Architecture; Strength-Weight, Stability

v.Consult and advisor on modern shipbuilding; Fishing Vessel, Patrol Craft

vi.Presentation on Modernization of Marine Vessel to Government and related


  • Sholehin Zainudin
    General Manager
  • Mohd Amirrudin Bin Mohd Zainudin
    Project Manager; Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Modern Fishermen; 10m Modern Fiberglass Vessel

over 1 year ago by Sholehin Zainudin

Hi everyone, 

Most of young generation do not have any intention to involve in fisheries sector work as fishermen. The reason why they do not want to involve are lack of understanding about the outcomes, not been given an opportunity to involve and current boats are obselete (lack of interest).

Therefore, with our comitments, determination and experience to understand the ecosystem of fisheries sector in Malaysia focus on career as a fishermen and we had an fully engagement as well with Malaysian Department of Fisheries and few Non Government Organization (NGOs) regarding to attract more young generation to participate. Thus, we come out with one design that totally can change the scenario of fishery sector in Malaysia from traditional methods to modern methods. The design is taken from the Bristol Bay, Alaska with few changes that able to cater with our local fishermen system regarding on how to catch a fish and our condition of ocean as well. 

We are young entrepreneurs who venture into fisheries and shipping sectors in Malaysia. We are also conducting a project - modernization of commercial fishing vessel in Malaysia for Zone A and B focusing on Young Generation. Hence, we are using the modern concept of gillnet boat (Alaska bristol bay boat) as a proven concept of modernization that we needs to be changed in the fisheries sector which currently our fishermen still retains the traditional concept. The young generation needs to be supported with modernizing concept and knowledges in order to make Malaysia moving in tandem with fisheries sector's development.


In this regard, we look for any individuals or corporations who want to bring this project together with us to strengthen the modernization of fishing boats focusing on the young generation in Malaysia. From the fund received, we will build a proven concept and promoting the modern vessel plus with education to them. If you are interested, please contact us and we will present a working paper and a finding on the project.


We have a team that have a wide knowledege, high skilled and experienced in shipbuilding and education. Sholehin was a lecturer in Finance, Investment and Risk that he has worriedness on the development of agriculture in Malaysia. Thus, he trying to create the employability and edcuation as a fishermen in fisheries sector. Afther that, We also have a young Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Amirrudin with more than 4 years experience and graduated from UniKL MIMET. He will lead the project by constructing the proven concept. 

Younger generation?

We have met many young people who already involved in fisheries as a traditional fishermen. The main problem that voice out by the young fishermen is boat ownership - Most of them rent out the boat plus with license from the old generation to go out to catch a fish.They hire licenses and boats from older fishermen to continue living. Many of them also believe in empowering the fisheries sector to the younger generation that is capable of creating more job opportunities and producing local expertise.


Modernization is used to explain the process of modernization within societies. Modernization refers to a model of a progressive transition from a 'pre-modern' or 'traditional' to a 'modern' society. Thus, with our purpose of modernization, the new generation will learn and have a wide of knowledge using the modern commercial fishing vessel that consist of a lot of modern equipment that able to catch a lot of fish. After that, the security and saftey wise that this system will be attached together with insurance scheme which it may cover the fishermen and boat as well if anything happen in the ocean. Before the boat been covered, the construction of the vessel will monitor by Ship Classification Malaysia (SCM). The concept that we would like to introduce is the vessel or boat have a few partition such as a conducive bedroom area that can cater more than 4 persons, a geely, kitchen and also freezer. All the equipment are orderly arrangement according to the plan made by the our naval architect. 


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